10 Signs You’re With A Womanizer

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Women sometimes do not know the signs to watch out for in men that flag them off as womanizers. This may be because some men have become professionals in hiding their acts. There are however certain signs that can tell you what kind of person he is. The focus here is to ensure that every woman can spot a chronic player 10 miles away and avoid getting into an unhealthy and toxic relationship.

He Easily Gets Bored
Chronic players tend to have some sort of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder when it comes to relating with women. You can usually identify a womanizer by the way he seems interested one minute and he loses interest the next minute.

He Has A Lot Of Exes
When you ask him of his past, he reels out a long list of people he has dated. Not only are his number of conquests an indication that he is a womanizer, but the reason that he counts them and remembers them all also points to this fact. A serious gentleman wouldn’t have time to count and relay the news of his conquests.

His Eyes Wander A Lot
Any man that always has his eyes wandering no matter how beautiful, interesting and successful you are is probably the type that wants to be with more than one woman.

He Talks Smoothly
His words are smooth and sweet enough to convince the devil. He passes compliments that are more of flattery and lacking in sincerity. Someone that does this constantly might just want to add you to a list of his accomplishments.

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He Has A Reputation
The first red flag of a womanizer is that almost everyone knows about his reputation except you. It may be that he constantly laughs it off when his friend calls him ‘baddo’ during a funny conversation or you heard some rumours through an authoritative source that you simply passed off as jealousy inspired. The truth however is that there’s no smoke without fire. You should look take an in depth look at things so you don’t fall into the wrong hands.

He Uses The ‘Love’ Word A Lot
The ‘L’ Word is something that should be reserved for rare and special occasions especially when one means it. A playboy is one person that uses the word with little or no care and sees it as just another way of keeping his trophies in line until he’s bored and willing to discard.

He Doesn’t Have Female Friends
People that tend to date multiple women usually don’t keep female friends for obvious reasons. This is due to the fact that womanizers tend to categorise women into family, desirable ones and the undesirable ones. This makes them want to go after every female they are not related to and as such can hardly keep women as friends.

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He Uses Lots Of Pet Names
Any man that chases lots of women will always use pet names to stop himself from being caught. He can easily get away with calling you and the long list of women he has “baby” or “honey” than if he calls you by your name. He doesn’t want you to hear him call another person’s name.

He Always Break Promises
If he always tells you that he will be available or do something special for you but you find him changing his mind at the last minute, chances are he doesn’t really feel anything for you but is only out to count you as part of his conquests. Another great sign of a womanizer.

He Doesn’t Ask Questions
When you do agree to date him, you find out that he has little or no interest in the things you have to say. He hardly asks you questions about the way you’re feeling, your dreams or what the future will be like for the both of you.



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