Wristwatches: Big Investment or Waste of Money?

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We have seen people give the biggest excuses as to why they splurge on really expensive wristwatches.

Buying a watch that is up to a million Naira gives you some kind of prestige in the presence of your peers. Certain men even set goals to buy certain time pieces as part of their life time achievements. Why spend so much money on a time telling device? Here are five of the reasons we will like to share you with.


Jewelry increases in value over time. Because of the existence of watch collectors and creation of limited edition by watch makers people rush to buy classic time pieces and a seller will get double of what he paid to buy it. Looking at gold’s meteoric rise in value over the past decade, one has to be reminded of the potential long-term value of jewelry pieces composed of such precious metals.



The more expensive wristwatches are, the fancier they look and feel. There is nothing more rewarding as wearing a timeless time piece with diamond reflections and the glow-in-the dark feature. They spend a great amount of time to design a watch and put the pieces together, which come out really beautiful and sell out fast. So people purchase wristwatches because of how good they look.

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Expensive quality watches are said to have lifetime span; they do not spoil at random. Most of the watches are durable, water resistance and do not scratch. It is easier to go for the more expensive time pieces for quality assurance and long lasting products. Some of the watches have service centers around where you get them fixed up and polished.

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual


And just as a prestigious brand is held in high esteem on the market, in the social sphere, luxury timepieces are widely respected and easily recognized by people who appreciate details and luxury. Particularly when paired with other tasteful clothing choices – such as business suits, tuxedos, or semi-formal wear for casual events – luxury timepieces are accessories that identify their wearers as successful people.


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Wristwatches can be a great investments, if that is the plan upon initial purchase. Other than that it is mainly for show off. In Nigeria, we have the likes of Freeze (OAP), Davido and Wizkid purchasing expensive wristwatches and we hope it is for the greater good.



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