Women’s Sex Wednesday: Five Signs She Isn’t Feeling The Sex

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women sex wednesday

Women Sex Wednesday – Five Signs The Sex Ain’t So Great

Women Sex Wednesday points out five things to note while sex is going down, if she does any of these, she definitely isn’t feeling the sex.

She stares blankly while sex is going on:

It’s really creepy for a woman to be staring at her partner. As sex is a mutual act, a woman staring blankly at a man means she just wants to get a good look at the person thrusting inside her while counting one to hundred and let the sex be over with.

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She shuts her eyes during coitus: 

Don’t know which is worse in being stared blindly at or in not being stared at, at all. If a woman shuts her eyes during sex, the man best hopes she puts her hand around his head. That means she’s feeling it.

If there’s ‘no hand’ around his head, the sex is just a lay-waste for her.

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She’s stiff during oral sex:

Women fall into two categories, those who’ll hold their head during cunnilingus and those that’ll hold the man’s head. If she does none, she isn’t feel it as much as she’ll like.

If she’s not feeling it as much as she should, alternate between your tongue and your pinky.

Flick the clitoris while tickling (not poking) her vulva with your pinky finger. That should move her hand to her head.. or your head.

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She wants to know how long the man will last before orgasm:

If she asks how long the sex will go on for, it means she isn’t enjoying it. The only words she should be saying is ‘give me more’ and ‘deeper’. No questions asked.

For the man who gets asked this question, turn her around with her butt facing you, pin her against the wall and ram her till she begs.

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She doesn’t kiss during sex:

Kissing during sex is very important for enhancing orgasm especially while holding the man’s head as he’s thrusting makes the woman need the man more.

If a woman isn’t interested in kissing a man during sex, she isn’t interested in needing him after that. She just wants to have her vagina scratched.

For the man, ensure your breath is fresh, and your lips taste sweet. Chew on sugar or lick honey. If she acts like she’s not into kisses, take that neck and nibble sensually on it till she pulls your face up herself.

woman sex wednesday
Women Sex Wednesday – Five Signs The Sex Isn’t So Great

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