Woman Burns Her Back With Hot Iron To Cure Cancer As She Can’t Afford Treatment

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woman burns her back

Woman Burns Her Body As Cancer Treatment Due To Lack Of Fund

28-year-old Ding Zhen from Zhengzhuang, China, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in August 2014.

Ding was forced to burn her body with hot iron as a hopeless move to get the cancer in her system out as she’s too poor to afford the treatment.

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Her financial penury came after her husband allegedly vanished with their son and all their savings.

She has faith that scorching her back would burn the cancer cells from her body. The critically-ill woman took the bizarre and desperate step to get better and fight for her child.

Ding has reportedly spent 300,000 Yuan (9.2million naira) but insists she needs chemotherapy as the treatments weren’t working.

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Woman burns her back in desperate attempt to get rid of cancer cells

Ding said: ‘We live in a cheap rented room. My father is a dish cleaner at a restaurant who makes just 1,500 Yuan (N45. 000) every month. That is barely enough to survive.’

Huanqiu.com reports : ”Mr Sun is said to have taken their only son with him and 15,500 Yuan in family savings. Ding now lives Zhengzhuang Town with her 52-year-old father where she was pictured on March 18 having ‘heat treatment’ for leukaemia.

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Ding’s medical treatment prior to her penury was split in halves. One part of the amount already spent on treatment was covered by rural medical insurance. The other part was borrowed from the relatives of her husband.

In November 2015, Ding wanted to divorce her husband, Sun, but the court refused. Citing they had been together for a long time and had a child together, they were to find a way to sort their differences.

Sun disappeared that day with their son, leaving with all the money Ding had saved.

Ding’s case has met series of controversy as many are skeptical on her true intentions which range from pretense to plain conning.

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Earlier in February, The Sun reported a case of Brita Hollows, from Taupo, New Zealand, who started to use the controversial treatment after noticing changes to a freckle on her chest – without receiving an official diagnosis from a doctor or undergoing a biopsy to confirm she actually had a melanoma.

Instead, the 63-year-old researched the use of black salve and compared it with traditional melanoma treatment before using the ointment – which was made by a herbalist.

Brita, whose father is a doctor, used the ointment for around six weeks, and documented its shocking effects on her Facebook page over 12 months.

Over time a black mass appeared to “fall out” of her chest, leaving a large wound in her flesh – which she treated with manuka honey.

She claimed she was healed.

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