Wife Inflicts Burns On Husband With Boiling Water For Rebuffing Her Sexually

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Mrs Nwani gives ‘fury’ a scalding definition as this ‘scorned-woman’ embarked on a journey to ruin her husband’s life by pouring hot water on him since he rejected her sexually for three weeks under the guise of promiscuity.

Mr Nwani’s decision to desist from touching his wife sexually for the last three weeks was to serve as a deterrent to her so she would quit her philanderous ways. His lesson wasn’t well taught as she decided to teach him a lesson of her own too.

Dissension emerged, Thursday, after Frank returned home late from visiting a ‘friend’s house’; while infusing humor into the argument which ensued as Awele demanded where he was returning from, Frank called her ‘a lazy woman’. This infuriated the already-mad wife and she called him ‘a wizard’.

While the exchange of words between the couple escalated, Awele pretentiously dropped the banter, but only for a while as she emerged form the kitchen minutes later and poured the hot liquid down her husband’s back as he relaxed in the sitting-room and bolted out of the house.

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Wife Pours Husband Hot Water For Rebuffing Her Sexually

Apparently, she went into the kitchen to boil the water when the verbal abuse was getting too much and just wanted to bring her previous promise of ‘making life unbearable’ for her husband to fruition.

Awele, a mother-of-six, is presently on-the-run after the incident which happened in Ibusa, Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State, left her husband badly injured.

While she claimed Mr Nwani was a promiscuous cheat having been involved in several affairs, he charged her with the same allegation, saying his wife had been sleeping around. Mrs Nwani had previously promised her husband she ‘would make life unbearable’  for him.

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Mr Nwani said: “My wife has been sleeping around, hence I stopped sleeping with her for three weeks. It is a taboo in my tribe and she violates the laws”.

Authorities of the Ibusa police division confirmed that ‘the woman disappeared with the sum of N200,000 being daily contributions the husband received and kept in her custody’, Punch details.

Mr Nwani is receiving medical attention and there is an ongoing trail on Mrs Nwani.

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  1. Some women can be very heartless, seeing this kind of stories makes me develope a Phobia towards getting married. I just pray for the man that those marks heal up soon.

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