Wendy Williams Reveals Her Son Once Caught Her Doing ‘SumTin’

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The talk-show host of self-named ‘Wendy Williams Show’ revealed her son, Kevin Hunter Jr, 15, once walked in on her doing the down-low on her husband.

Why? Because they have a no-lock and open-door policy in their home.

Sharing this story on Conan, with Conan O’Brien, the hilarious guest talked about how her son refused to kiss her again afterwards.

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As a member of the public eye, Wendy Williams is used to gossips and tell-tales been peddled about how she really is at home.

When asked if she is an uptight mum or more free-handed, Wendy said : ‘I am kinda turning into my own mum. I find myself scrutinizing him a lot since he turned fifteen. I am loose in some ways and uptight in others. Like we do not close doors in our house. There is no need for him to be in his room with the door closed’. 

Talk host, Conan tries to reason with Wendy while explaining that he was also a fifteen year old boy.

Wendy corrected him : ‘I get it, the same thing with fifteen year old girls, I know what you are talking about but here is the thing; We walk hard at our house or we clear out throats, that is the warning sign for here I come. You do not just tiptoe to somebody’s room, I respect him so when I come to see his room (I stump my feet) or you hear it (clears throat) and I say Kevin here I come. So I can give him the chance to clean up’. 

She continued: ‘We don’t close our doors either, so if you walk in on me and my husband you are going to get a surprise’.

What?! the host of Conan is shocked at this reveal, he poked further ; ‘has this happened with your son?’, Wendy stuttered with, ‘once, three uh, when he was thirteen’... Did she really forget?

O’Brien wanted to get the real story with ‘tell us what happened then’ but the 51 year-old mum said ‘Nooo… but I would tell you this, he got a surprise and he would never do that again’, she added with a wicked grin.

Host of Conan did not give up as he cited the rules of Talk-show which is ‘spill it’ and Wendy, a fellow talk-show host could not resist. He asked, ‘What the hell did he walk in on’ at which Wendy Williams spilled : ‘He walked in on me giving my husband a favor, at two o’clock in the morning’. 

Wendy narrated how she continued giving her husband the ‘favor’ until her son stepped out.

She said she ‘looked up and looked down as she continued the act and her husband who was above her gave their son an ‘it’s okay thumb sign’ before he left.

The New-Jersey-born star said her son refused to kiss her again afterwards.

It’s another family policy to hug and kiss Wendy stated, but after the sight of his momma’s mouth somewhere the other night, Kevin Jr would not be kissing his momma’s mouth anytime soon.

What’s up with the policies anyway.

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