We Are Live, We Made It!

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That Monday morning, I was rushing to meet up with the new problem in my life: Mr. Ayo Animashaun, (C.E.O of Smooth Promotions and Executive Producer of The HEADIES) to tidy some unfinished business that may bring home some bank alerts.

With my new weight gain, heading for seize 14 despite all the gym sessions which desired effects I compulsively counter with cold-stone ice cream, finding something to wear is a constant challenge. The black dress was too tight, yellow pants won’t button, the jean and t-shirt almost made me look like an amoeba; chai I was slowly getting depressed, how did I get to this point?…finally the red stretch trouser and the ever faithful black maxi-top made it with the cream and gold shoes.


As I got into the car wishing I could pour some water into the fuel tank.…”ding ding” I received an e-mail alert, it was from Sally of 360nobs. The mail read:

Morning Victoria,

Please send across your material and I would put it up for you.

Your profile has been created.

Yippeee, finally, we made it, we are going to be live on 360nobs!!!! I smiled, blushed danced a bit & I started thinking, what should my first post be centered on? …..Of course I have a lot to share with y’all but I needed so badly to make the right first impression on my first date with you, yes you and you. I actually feel like a 16year old on her first date right now even though my age almost doubles that number.


So seriously, as the captain of this ship (in Adolph Hitler’s voice….by the way scientist just found out that he had an abnormally tiny p**** and only one testicle, no wonder he was so mean), I’m going to be sharing my pains, my gains, my highs, my lows, my EXPERIENCES and my INTELLECT here.

I’m going to be taking y’all on all my trips, both business and personal and of course a lot into my exciting world, the world of ENTERTAINMENT. You will meet these “children of mine”, these annoyingly lovable but over pampered and overgrown men and women we manage as artists. You will meet our clients. I will share with you how we manage to keep them loyal. I will air my two kobo on issues that do not concern me and I’ll definitely share my experience managing talents across Africa and producing events. I will not be telling you about the price of my designer bags or shoes because I’m more interested in passing knowledge across; besides my fashion sense is so inconsistent, moving quickly from 0 to 100 & back to 0 again…lol

I will try so hard to excite you that you will end up vexing, I will irritate and trouble you until you eventually get to love me…

Please remember to check on me here at least twice weekly, it’s a lonely world out here, besides there are benefits of checking on me; you may just win that dinner date with the celebrity of your dreams  if you answer any of my questions on Talent Management, Branding, “PR and Beef Making”. Till we meet again in a few days time, remember to make that move that you have been planning to make in the last  one year that has only remained a plan! Remember:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”.

I love you for reading and should see you sooner than you wish.

Qtabyz Thoughts

Qtabyz Thoughts

Victoria Nkong is the C.E.O of Qtaby Events: www.qtabyevents.com, she is a multilingual Events Producer, a Talent Manager and a PR Consultant. Traveller, Fun lover,GOd Lover, knowledge seeker, Trouble Maker.


  1. Nice one, feels good to know I’m not alone with the weight, lol.
    Looking forward to more.
    Soar higher Victoria, God bless you.

  2. I’ll sure check on you Victoria, because I know I’ll learn sth from you because of my interest in entertainment and I sure want to win a gift from you.

  3. I like the part about your profile that says trouble maker. Heheheehehe I can testify to that part. Way to go girl!!! Proud of your achievements. I’ll take your thoughts with me ” The secret of getting ahead is getting started” Nice one.

  4. It doesn’t sound like you were struggling with the post. Well structured and sincere. I know where that ‘made me look like amoeba ‘ came from LOL. WELL DONE. BTW Shushu we should form a fitness club or seal our mouths to fight this weight gain.

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