Update : Brussels Attacker Has Not Been Captured, Belgian Authorities Confirm

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brussels attacker

Fourth Brussels Attacker Still At Large

There are four Brussels attackers, unlike the three earlier reported by Belgian authorities.

It was meant to be four explosions but only three went off as the fourth explosive was too heavy to carry in the car used to convey the explosives to the train station and airport.

The taxi driver who conveyed them to their destination, led the police to their safe house where the fourth explosive was discovered.

A series of terrorist attacks by ISIS struck Brussels early Tuesday, leaving 31 dead and 260 injured.

Brussels the capital of Belgium is the recent city to witness the evil of ISIS after it carried out a spate of attacks on her. Three terrorists, Khalid, 27, and Ibrahim El- Bakraoui who are brothers; and, Najim Laachraoui, 24, carried out three explosions on Tuesday morning.

Ibrahim and Najim executed the airport attack and Khalid carried out the Maelbeek metro station attack; all as martyrs. Two of the attacks occurred in the Brussels airport and another in the metro station.

The terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq claimed responsibility for it today. They celebrated by sharing candies in Syria.  The festivity had no women present.

360nobs - brussels attack
The two brothers, Khalid and Ibrahim El-Bakraoui

Belgian president said one of the suicide bomber was a known militant deported from Turkey to Europe.

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Telegraph confirms : ”The fourth suspect in yesterday’s attacks, the man pictured at the airport in a hat and light-colored jacket, is still at large.

Najim Laachraoui, the fugitive bomb-maker suspected of taking part in the Paris attacks, has been identified as the man on the left in the CCTV image below.

In the centre is Ibrahim El Bakroaoui, whose brother Khalid carried out the attack in the metro. Both Laachraoui and El Bakroaoui blew themselves up in the airport”.

brussels attack
Ibrahim El-Bakraoui and Najim Laachraoui – one of the Brussels attacker is at large

But the third man in the picture disappeared after leaving luggage filled with explosives behThere were reports that he was arrested in yesterday’s raids, but those proved false and he is believed to still be on the loose.

The fourth brussels attacker is still on the run.

As police continues searching homes in Brussels and investigating, the suspects were identified by a taxi driver who drove them to the airport.

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Najim Laachraoui is also suspected of being responsible for the bombs used in the Paris massacre in November after his DNA was found on suicide belts used in the Bataclan Theatre and the Stade de France, Mirror UK attests.

He said : ”They had very heavy bags, and the heaviest one — which turned out to contain the heaviest load of explosives — had to be left behind because it didn’t fit in the cab”.

brussels attacker
The fourth brussels attacker still on the run

Prior to his death, Ibrahim had left a message on a laptop that had been dumped in a trashcan near where the cab driver had picked the men up. It read :

“I don’t know what to do, I am in a hurry. I am on the run. People are looking for me everywhere. And if I give myself up, I will end up in a cell”.

Belgian Federal Prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw confirmed that ”15 kilograms of TATP – the substance containing concentrated hydrogen peroxide and acetone – was discovered at the house from which the Brussels attacks’ suspects left for the airport.

‘The third suspect, in a hat, is still on the run and his bomb did not explode. It contained the biggest explosive charge and there was great instability of the explosives.’

He also said the ”explosives used in the Brussels attacks were the same kind of explosives used in the London 7/7 attacks and the Paris carnage last year”.

Another key ISIS member of the Paris plot. Mohamed Belkaid, was killed in the raid at the safe house where the fourth explosive was found, and an Isil flag was found next to him. Two other members got away.

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