‘Old’ Members Of Boyzone and Westlife Come Together To Form Boyzlife

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Nineties heartstoppers Boyzone and Westlife have decided to merge to form a supergroup, titled Boyzlife.

The former band superstars say the project ‘has no limits’. This was confirmed by Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy today, wednesday, as they spoke with The Sun. They also shared their plans to tour as a nine-man band.

The supergroup which will be made of all nine singers will perform different hits from their separate groups from over the years. This will happen on a 12-day tour of the UK and Ireland. It would kick off in London in October.

The veteran singers seem to be excited about the idea even though it’s still a long way off.

I do wonder why they’re calling it Boyzlife, though, when it’s clear that none of them is technically a ‘boy’. Manlife would have been more appropriate. Or rather Westzone.

Just saying.

We’re waiting for Backstreet Boys to group with NSync form Backsync



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