Tips for Travelling This Easter Break

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Easter is here and many people are travelling for the break.

We run down the different kinds of trip to take this Easter break and how to adequately prepare for them. Depending on the type of trip you are planning here are some getaway essentials.

Girls Trip


Are you and your girls going on a fun weekend? Maybe to another city or even out of the country? Well first thing you need is money and a lot if it. When it comes to clothes you need to think about where exactly you’ll be going and make selections based on that. If you will end up partying all through, get club dresses and shoes; block heels are my personal pick for a wild night out.

Baecation (Vacation with Bae )


If you and your beau decide to spend some private time this break you need some essentials. You could just get a suite and spend the weekend there or you could travel and have a look around a new city. Either ways you will need a wax before time and if you don’t have sexy night wears and underwear you should go shopping and get protection too. If you can book a couple spa day or select an exciting restaurant for dinner, you should surprise bae with that.

Seeing the family 


With work every other day you might finally be chanced to see the family over the holidays. No one should go home empty handed. If your family stays in another city or country be ready to shop and go home baring gifts. Also try and pack decent clothes for outing with your parents and something really nice for church.

Solo Trip


You might just be tired of everything and actually want to relax by yourself this break. No judgements here; just be sure to pack smartly, if you can’t afford an exotic trip abroad you can visit any state in Nigeria. Calabar is a great place to visit with great food and tourist attraction. While travelling be sure to have money on you and in your credit/debit card. Your luggage should be as smart as possible, and you need to take your toiletries, basic round neck, pair of jeans and a camera (If you have one).

Event Trip


Weddings, Birthday Parties and Funerals have all being scheduled for this break and the airports and bus stations are full for local flights. If you are traveling for a friends wedding, be sure to carry extra clothes, you might just want to see the city and also get invited out and end up staying longer, take your full make up purse and try to take as many fun pictures as possible.



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