My Thursday Truth: Learn To Shine, Whenever, Wherever

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Learn To Shine


Unveiling vanity puts priorities in their place.

Realizing true “self-worth” is a personal gift you offer yourself – teaches confidence.

You only get this by learning, by asking questions and never stopping to learn.

We spend all our lives searching for wealth, love, happiness, peace of mind, and every desire we yearn for, to what end? To have or not have them.

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Desires are natural, urges are natural; the pursuit of them is natural, but what tilts the balance in nature is the execution.

The actual “acting upon” of such deep feelings is what can be unnatural or natural.

Learn to shine by radiating an inward beauty that puts ‘natural urges or desires’ in a balanced state.

Learn to not ‘over do’ things as that is one factor that affects life because having will and having zeal are different things.

One can never have it all though. Or can they?!

I think they can.

I think you can have it all. Everything one desires in life, one can achieve it all with the right mind and heart.

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‘Will’ means a strong desire to do something, ‘Zeal’ refers to enthusiasm. It’s tricky as you’ll argue it’s similar if you’re great with words but desire and enthusiasm also mean different things. So both words can’t be the same.

Desire is a strong wish and Enthusiasm is a strong excitement.

Stop living “Willingly”, begin living “Zealously”.

Live with excitement.

Learn to shine by being enthusiastic about life. Learn to shine by being excited even as the tears of pain, depression and frustration slip through your face.


I was complaining about being broke few days ago, and a friend said, “so why are you smiling”; I asked him, “What emotion ought I express?” He replied, “I don’t know, but you can’t be broke and smiling”.

The laughter which followed made my belly ache, yeah, that kind of belly-grabbing kind of laughter emanated from me.

I liked it though. I liked how I could take calmly a situation many just go mad and crazy over.


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Money comes, money goes. That you don’t have it at hand doesn’t man you don’t have it. Money was here yesterday, it will be here tomorrow, money no dey finish.

Everything you’re spending now, there was a time you couldn’t afford them for yourself, this does not include your allowance your father gives you. This is your “only me against the world” situation.

Live a balanced life, make ‘natural’ decisions.

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