My Thursday Truth: Embrace Courage When Sailing Stormy Seas

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Embrace courage while sailing in a stormy sea.

I want courage to follow wisdom when I see it. If I lose my way, may it remain in me. With it I’ll always find my way back.

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I’m always trying to do the right thing. Always on the quest for perfection. Sometimes I forget I am human, I try to push myself beyond what I know.

Everyday I look for ways to supersede my previous accomplishments and everyday I almost make it.

But the voices in my society have held me bound between moving forward and leaving behind everything I have been taught and embracing the new knowledge which I daily acquire.

If only I had others like me, I’d not feel so alone.

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Certain qualities are lost in so many. Integrity, humility, truth, loyalty, fidelity, patience, courage, need I name more?

Everyone is looking for ways to take advantage of a vulnerable-another especially if they are in a place of power. That’s a narcissistic trait. Check that word out.

These attributes make life easy for the one possessing it. While it’d be hard for some to emulate, kudos to the pure hearts out there.

Staying true in a world, working steady to make you false is hard as hell. But being true to yourself is the greatest fear and courage any man can possess.

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There are those who go through life with the mindset of struggling, hustling and just surviving.

You are as good as the knowledge you acquire. Words and terms you make synonymous with your life attracts the same situations.

Watch what words you identify yourself with.

Learning to be better intrinsically makes your whole life better as it puts people, situations and problems in perspective.

Take life easy, live with a free mind, love with a true heart, learn with a willing mind and watch your life blossom before you.

You always have a choice.  Choose to be brave and embrace the calmness in the stormy sea.

It is stormy to test your strength in the wind. Sail with courage.

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Good-hearted people find it easier to live in this wicked world because they have learnt to rise above the world; the misery, the bad news, the deaths, and every form of depressing and heartbreaking situation eminent on earth.

There are a few who really want to help make life better for those around them, and they also have their fears too.

They fear the world will take away the goodness in them even before they get the chance to really use it.

These ones know and understand how easy it is to cross the thin line between good and bad, yet they sail the stormy seas of life in calm, clarity and confidence.

These few have learnt how to harness and channel fear into their courage.

I am afraid but fear can’t stop me. My courage supersedes.

So should yours.

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Embrace Courage

Embrace Courage When Sailing Stormy Sea

Stop hating the life around you and start living the life within you which you desire. 

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Pick a path you love so you always have good reason to stay calm when the sea decides to get stormy.

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Stop explaining yourself all the time. Stop complaining about everything. Learn mental-balance. 

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Integrity is everything. Be that person whose word is their bond. It’s not so hard. 

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Do not repeat one mistake more than three times. That should be enough to tell you, ‘Hey, You’re dulling!’.

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Do your best. Not for them, but for you. You can proudly say ‘Yes I can’ because I did do my best. 

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Zero regrets. Learn the lesson and move on. Courage is about boldly facing any situation, despite how uncertain it may seem. 

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