The Sleazy Club Scene And Availability Of ‘Underage Girls’ For Footballers

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It’s not news that footballers live large and glamorous lives. This includes nightlife and women. And most times, they go together.

According to experts of the club scene, footballers are given the freedom to abuse potential wives and girlfriends (wags). One fixer was recently caught smuggling underage girls into a club.

A club promoter has stated, millionaires, most with wives and girlfriends, feel buying drinks for a girl justifies the abuse.

Former England and Sunderland midfielder, Adam Johnson, who faces up to 10 years in jail, has been seen regularly at clubs, surrounded with champagne and spirits and up to 20 women at a go.

One former worker at celebrity haunt The Circle Club in Manchester recalls how locally Johnson, when playing for Manchester City and England, liked to play ‘the big man’.

‘He had about ten girls around him aged about 19 or 20,’ he recalled of a visit to the club. ‘He told a doorman that he wanted a people carrier to take them all to a nearby hotel where he was staying.

He then joked: ‘I’ll need about 30 condoms to s**g all this lot’.

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Promoters who are desperate for a footballer’s money, will go to any length to keep their potential client happy.

Dan Caren, assistant general manager of Libertine nightclub in Mayfair, formerly known as China Whites told The Times’ Katie Gibbons: ‘Some guys want younger girls, not really young, but underage’.

‘We got wind of what was going on and he’s pretty much been barred from working in Mayfair’.

He admitted some clubs do allow footballers to use their private rooms for sex, but Libertine does not allow it’.

Young women can be found outside of clubs on the queue for long hours, as they hope to pick up a rich footballer they see as their meal ticket. Unfortunately, they’re only required for the one night.

One promoter told The Times: ‘There’s this assumption that because a girl has got in for free and had all her drinks bought then she’s fair game. For some it justifies sexual assault.’.

Adam Johnson will not be the first footballer and I’m guessing, not the last to be charged with underage sex.



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