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Tell me Sweet Something


Akin Omotoso (Man on Ground, God is African, Wole Soyinka: Child of the Forest) returns with Tell Me Sweet Something, a romantic comedy about Moratiwa (Nomzamo Mbata) whose misgivings about men and relationships have become severe that she fails to give Nat (Maps Maponyane) a chance until Tsaka (Thisiwe Ziqubu) prods her. However her discovery of Nat’s ‘late night lover’ becomes an impediment to their romance.


The dialogue in Robbie Thorpe and Akin Omotoso’s screenplay stands out; grabbing the viewer’s attention and refusing to let it go until the end. “Deserting your dessert in a desert and several such beautiful constructions abound in the film, making it the flick’s Unique Selling Point (USP). Thomas Gumede, the remarkably funny Gordon, deserves a trophy for his unrivalled wit.

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Conversely, the film’s conflicts and ideology yell for a reassessment. Moratiwa agrees to date Nat because he says, “The baby may not be mine.” Why didn’t Omotoso rather explore the more penetrating story of a young lady who decides to date a young man whose other lover has just conceived?


Nat is portrayed as a hapless man stalked by a desperate lovelorn lady, but he had a choice in the matter. If he had said no to her advances and maintained his stance, pregnancy would have been out of the question. There is a conscious attempt in the film to paint the pregnant lady as an intruder. However, two consenting adults in a relationship share equal responsibility for the outcome of their affair.


Inspite of these observations, Tell Me Sweet Something is quite entertaining.

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