Tecno Launches ‘Tecno Spot’ – A New Online Community For Tecno Fans

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Tecno Launches ‘Tecno Spot’ – Fans of TECNO are found everywhere online—on Facebook Closed Group, Open Groups, Other Forums like Nairaland, on Twitter and in the comment section of tech blogs, but there has never been one spot where fans and the brand can interact in a relaxing atmosphere before now.

TECNO Spot is borne out of that need to create the platform for interaction amongst fans and the brand. Everyone is invited to join.

Tecno Launches 'Tecno Spot'
Tecno Launches ‘Tecno Spot’

The clever online forum, TECNO Spot, was launched on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 As at the time of this post, TECNO Spot host over one hundred and thirty (130) mobile-related contents posted by contributors from Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria.

So what’s the idea?

When you want to pass information to people and have them use that info, at least, you have to communicate in a language the people understand. More people are trusting online (if not 100%, at least up to 85%) and seriously beefing advertisements, so TECNO figured  TECNO Spot can pass helpful tips on basic technical support for their portfolio of devices and others while entertaining and informing users in their favorite format.

The unique offerings of TECNO Spot includes:
Helpful tips on basic technical supports like factory reset How-Tos of smart phones, Smart phone common debug options, system updates etc.

Carlcare aftersales engineers will be contributors on TECNO Spot


Knowledgeable technicians from Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania will on be on TECNO Spot to help users with useful tips to get around their phone Issues. These gurus will maintain accounts on the forum to support the fans/customers. Another point of interest is, the product development team will have an open communication on the platform with the fans to share beta software, news and OS/File updates from time to time.

Fans can help fans too


Who says the experts are only those with ‘Technician’ title in their names? Forum users can with useful tips can also share with others to help them out-At TECNO Spot, everyone is welcome.

News, entertainment, product reviews and much more

The idea is to make TECNO Spot the go-to platform for anything news, entertainment, useful links, you name it, while the user also interacts with the TECNO brand in a much more relax and familiar ecosystem. The experience TECNO Spot, follow the link http://bbs.tecno-mobile.com/

Join the conversation now; fans who help out others by contributing to the forum will be rewarded, so why not open an account today?



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  1. It’s just announcement they will make nii?

    When will the sharing of gifts begin…

    That is what concerns me

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