#StyleGuide: Five Things Stylish People Do

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Style is specific to each person and today we show you ways to spot a stylish person. To be stylish, one doesn’t need to follow trends. Stylish people create their own trends as well as try out the biggest trends. Some shop regularly and some just know how to to mix items in their wardrobe effectively. They are interested in every aspect of beauty and take it very seriously. Not everyone is born stylish, some just grow into style by finding what works for them.

Here are five things stylish people do that makes them stand out from the rest.

They are experimental, pulling off different bold looks 

A stylish woman doesn’t stick to one look, she might have a go to look or signature beauty look, but she is constantly trying new things. Taking fashion risks on the part of both designer and fashionistas is what sets trends.  A really stylish person is able to go from heels to flats and still look glamorous while at it.

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They have a signature Beauty look and Hairstyle

We have some stylish Nigerian socialites and celebrities who have proven themselves over and over again. For beauty looks Mo’cheddah goes with the natural blend and we must say it suits her graciously. Zainab Balogun is someone else who wears the natural look and sticks to it.  Toke Makinwa on the other hand, goes with the heavy contour and lashes and it suits her perfectly. Whether professionally or self-done, her makeup is always fab.


Stylish people try almost every hair color even though they also have their signature styles. Marilyn Monroe went with the blonde curls for most of her life. MTV presenter/VJ Stephanie Coker is usually spotting braids; and with Lola Oj, she is usually spotted with various hair styles even though her signature style is a low cropped hair cut.



They stay up to date with trends

Most stylish people go for fashion shows and watch the trends and start trends of their own. They spend on fashion items. If it’s makeup, they are breaking the bank. They also splurge on shoes, bags or accessories.


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They pay great attention to themselves.

I am yet to spot any stylish person with bad skin. They spend forever trying to get a glow and look beautiful, the best glow you can have is great skin. With great skin the world is yours, they are also quick to share beauty secrets so you too can have the flawless glow of any fashionista.




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