#BeautyGuide: Five Easy Steps To Fix Lash Extensions

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There are no more basics allowed in the make up game, things have evolved so much that people now go for walks with fully done faces.

Everyday make up means contour, highlight, fixed lashes and glitter eye-shadow. People are getting with the flow and getting full make up kits, but fixing lashes right remains a big problem and even buying the right kind. For the more natural looking one go with Human hair lashes and stay away from the synthetic ones.

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Here are five steps to fixing your lashes with pictures.

Apply Mascara

Curl natural lashes and comb on a coat of mascara, so your natural lashes have some weight to lift the false ones. And also gives the eye some color.


Resize the Lashes

Cut the lash band right down the centre to create a large individual lash. Resizing lashes might not always be necessary but it depends and how you like the lashes to look and sometimes the lashes come longer than yours. Resizing makes it easier to fit your lashes.


Add Adhesive

There are specific ones made for lashes and most of them already come with the glue made for it. To apply adhesive trace each lash band, one by one, with a laser-thin line of Duo and wait a few moments for the adhesive to dry a bit.


Put the Lashes on

Using your fingers, not tweezers, place your extension on the outer corner first, hugging that lash line tight. For an eye-lifting effect,  places the outer extension slightly above the natural lash line.



Apply Mascara (Optional)

You can apply more mascara to give it more volume and there you go.


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