Students Deny ‘Sexual Harassment’ Claim As Queens College PTA Sets Up Investigative Panel

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Federal Ministry of Education To investigate Osifala allegations

Senior students of Queens College, Yaba have described the allegations of sexual harassment by their teachers as ‘untrue’, even as the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of the school said that it had set up an investigative panel.

It will be recalled, a mother who simply identified herself as Chinyere had alleged that one Mr. Oshifala who teaches Integrated Science sexually harassed her daughter but nothing was done despite that she had reported the case to the school management.

She then took to social media to vent her grievance, which led to the setting up of an investigative panel by the school’s PTA in order to look into the issue.

Chinyere said, “Mr Oshifala has been harassing my daughter and some other students. I asked her if the man had touched her and she said no, he only tells them that they are looking beautiful and he wants to marry them. I dismissed her complaints as typical compliments from a teacher.’

However, she continued, “Mr Oshifala, who by the way, lives in the boarding house area had cornered her on her way back from easing herself just before lights out. She told me that he called her and she thought he wanted to punish her for leaving her dorm room when it was almost lights out.

But when she got closer to him, he was smelling of alcohol and she ran away from him. But he ran after her and grabbed her and tried to kiss her while touching her private parts. She started screaming and then students started coming out so he left her and pretended to punish her.”

“I got to the school first thing the next day and spoke with the housemistress who confirmed to me that the story was true but she warned me that the Mr Oshifala is a favourite of the Vice Principal Mrs Kayode. I spoke to a couple of other teachers and they all confirmed this story and the Mr Oshifala’s tendencies.

The teachers also mentioned that he had been reported before at the Abuja Headquarters for sexual harassment and he was almost sacked until he begged this same Vice Principal who squashed the complaints.”

Reacting swiftly to the allegations at a news conference, the Chairman of the PTA, Mrs Beatrice Akhetuanen, said that the body had set up a panel that would be working with the Police Station in Sabo, Yaba to investigate the teacher.

Meanwhile the PTA Chairman Akhetuanen said no parent had reported any sexual harassment to the principal or vice principal and that the teacher in question was not living in the school as alleged by Chinyere.

The PTA chairman, however, pleaded with the aggrieved parent to come forth so that the case could be looked into.

”The so-called parent has not shown herself, all efforts to get her has proved abortive.

“When I tried calling the number I saw on the report, she did not pick her call”, she said.


Previously, the SSS III students were seen protesting, saying that the accused had been set up by someone and was unjustly accused.



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