Stephen Dillane Doesn’t Watch Game Of Thrones Because It’s “Too Brutal”

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Stephen Dillane Doesn’t Watch Game Of Thrones – One of Game Of Thrones‘ stars, Stephen Dillane, has called the show out for its brutality.

Stephen Dillane Doesn't Watch Game Of Thrones
Stephen Dillane Doesn’t Watch Game Of Thrones

Dillane plays Stannis Baratheon, one of many people with a claim to the Iron Throne and was killed at the end of the 5th season.

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“It’s pretty brutal I couldn’t watch much of that anyway,” Dillane said in an interview with RadioTimes. It’s hardcore. Too tough for me…. It’s just too painful. It’s pretty intense, quite overwhelming, the whole world of it is pretty overwhelming.”

He wasn’t all criticizing of the show, adding: “It’s fantastic. I don’t dismiss it at all. I think it’s fantastic. I think it’s an extraordinary thing. An amazing phenomenon. A really amazing phenomenon.”

“Money is the main thing I got out of it. It’s an odd situation. There is a kind of etiquette around these things. I think it’s extraordinary. I am not dismissing it at all.”



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