Shocking! Woman Births Twins With Two Different Fathers

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Woman births twins with different fathers after she had sex with two men while ovulating.

The shocking disclosure was made after the Vietnamese couple took the twins for DNA testing when suspicions arose regards their ‘extremely different’ appearances. The test result showed only one of the twins had the father’s DNA.

The twins had their mother’s DNA thereby resolving the option of a hospital mix-up.

#360nobs - woman births twins with different fathers

President of the Genetic Association of Vietnam Le Dinh Luong said of the rare occurrence: “Our Centre for Genetic Analysis and Technology lab has tested and found a pair of bi-paternal twins. This is rare not only for Vietnam, but for the world.”

A woman’s egg has a lifespan of twelve to forty-eight hours; during ovulation, two different eggs from the same woman can be fertilized by the sperm of two different men. This results in Bi-paternal twins.

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Although the sperm has a short window to fertilize an egg, its cells can live for four or five days in a woman’s body.

Woman Births Twins With Different Fathers
Woman Births Twins With Different Fathers

The unwitting father, was made aware of the striking difference in his twin babies by relatives, saying, ‘one of the twins did not look like him at all’.

Following the astonishing news, the husband was heartened to accept both children just as he always had since they were conceived by the same woman.

Dan Tri News relates: ‘But despite being the same sex, one of them has thick, wavy hair while the other has thin and straight locks. The unidentified family are now said to be looking for the best way to deal with the shocking test results’.

The wife had sex with her husband two years ago, on the same day, she met another man and had sex with him also.

Although the identity of the biological father of the other baby hasn’t been revealed, Vietnamese officials are hoping the case would be solved peacefully so it doesn’t affect the babies who are now two-year-old.

If your wife exerted the same action towards you, would you (a) leave her (b) stay for the babies or (c) take your own baby.

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