Senator Dino Melaiye Urges His Colleagues In A Tactless Joke To Marry Made-In-Nigeria Women

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In a series of tweets made by the official Twitter account of the Nigerian Senate, it was revealed that during a session in the house not long ago, Senator Dino Melaye in his usual offhand manner, made unguarded statements about Nigerian women.

It started by him congratulating the made-in-Nigeria Senator; Senator Abaribe for sponsoring this Motion.

He then called on his colleagues jokingly, to marry made-in-Nigeria women as against ‘importing’ women.

These are the tweets below:

The above series of tweets were not met well by Nigerians on Twitter. They expressed their displeasure at the Dino Melaye and the senate in general, calling them jokers and clowns. Others felt Melaye’s statements objectified women.

Whatever the opinions, it’s all in bad taste.

See tweets below:

dino1 dino2 dino3




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