Search Is On For The Police Officer Who Gave An Asian Man His Gun To Pose With

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An image of an Asian man holding a gun as he posed for a snapshot while the Nigerian police officer who gave him the gun stood behind as an onlooker has gone viral.

The visual was shared on Facebook and Nigerians are upset at the sheer ignorance and utter disregard in appropriate discharge of duty by this officer.

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He boldly stood beside the Asian man and even offered a smile like he was ‘REALLY PROUD’ of ‘giving a man his gun to take a photo with”. Who even took this image? They never stopped to think, ‘what if he decides to shoot us or go on a killing spree?‘.

While some might argue the officer and whoever took the image probably knew the mid-twenties looking man, others insist he must have collected payment ie bribe and didn’t think of the implication of his greed.

Many expressed

Ephatta Channel

Ephatta Channel Maybe his just 1 of the silly drunkards in his family whom was given a privilege to become a police officer,africans easily lost thier spirit of leadership&sell it cheaply all in d name of trying to be publicly foolish!Just Imagine……Mtweeeeech

Adesegun Ogundeji

Adesegun Ogundeji Nigeria we fail thee. He did not even think about his own safety. He disarmed himself

Gabriel Onoshemeni

Gabriel Onoshemeni This is militancy not Nigerian police

Gabriel Onoshemeni

Gabriel Onoshemeni No code of conduct in Nigerian police, if there is? Then IGP should see the level of iliteracy of his man

Harry Hart

Harry Hart This is madness this guy need to be dismiss

Abdul Ubani Abdul
Abdul Ubani Abdul He is a bastard for doing that, a well trained officer can never downgrade himself just take a look at him, what if the guy decided to pull the treger on him he now becomes a dead man
Johnson Olusegun Faleye

Johnson Olusegun Faleye I’m indeed ashamed

Akinmade Richard

Akinmade Richard Look at d stupid man releasing a gun purchased with tax pay

Remi Olabulo



Morennikeji Badipe

Morennikeji Badipe Why would you trust anybody with your protection that government gave you. However, this is the same person the government a signed to protect people. Hopefully he will not hand over his gun to wrong person.

Oyewale Lateef

Oyewale Lateef Is disgracing his family not NPF stupid man

Andrew Otor

Andrew Otor Guess what will happen if a Nigerian tourist visit their country and demanded to handle their gun in a place like this ………. Can he be allowed?

Ifenezhiuche Abel Chucks

Ifenezhiuche Abel Chucks I think dis can only be done if both of them ar very, very close friends, but posting such to d public is wrong.

Adebola Matthew
Adebola Matthew Short of words
Kolawole Omo-ibadan

Kolawole Omo-ibadan This is a sackable offence.

Kayode Sola Ige

Kayode Sola Ige I think he has taking bribe from this man

Is there any reason that justifies the police officer handing over a loaded service gun to a civilian to take a picture?  What’s bursting many Nigerians heads is his audacity to even smile. Any details leading to his exposure would be welcome.

Wendiva Blaze

Wendiva Blaze

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