Scenes From Captain America Civil War Were Shot On The ‘Streets of Lagos’

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Captain America: Civil War is one of the most highly anticipated movies, and now, Nigerians and Naija lovers have one more reason to look forward to the movie – some of the fight will be on the streets of Lagos.

Leaked photos show Captain America in his costume being surrounded by people in what looks like an Obalende or an Ojuelegba parts of Lagos, complete with the yellow danfo buses and the heavy foot traffic.

However, all of that was shot in Atlanta with special effects and African and African-American actors.

One wonders if the depiction of Lagos, Nigeria will be the stereotypical Hollywood story of suffering or it will be the true tale of hustle and flow.

Meanwhile, here are on some set photos. It is not clear which ones will make the cut yet.

Captain LagosCaptain Lagos1Captain Lagos2Captain Lagos3 Captain Lagos4



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  1. You guys should learn to research before coming up with false stories like this. Captain America: Civil War does not have any scenes that were shot in Lagos, Nigeria. Because of the introduction of Black Panther, who has his history/origin from Wakanda, some sets were built in Puerto Rico & possibly South Africa, to replicate his African home. This photos are from a fight sequence between Captain America & possibly Black Panther. And they WERE NOT shot in Lagos. Those yellow buses are mere props to make audiences believe it was shot in Lagos (or any African country that uses Yellow as Mass transit vehicles colour).

    1. If you actually READ the article, you will see that I pointed out that it was actually shot in Atlanta, with props to make it look like Lagos

    2. Some people are just illiterates. Can’t you see that the writer said it was not shot in Lagos. Even saying research when you cannot read a short piece. Olodo rabata

  2. Lool… but why write such a misleading headline and lead: “Leaked photos show Captain America in his costume being surrounded by people in what looks like an Obalende or an Ojuelegba parts of Lagos, complete with the yellow danfo buses and the heavy foot traffic.”, when the filmmakers themselves didn’t intend to replicate Lagos but ‘Wakanda’, which is a fictional African country? Lagos wasn’t the impression the filmmakers wanted audiences to see. You succeeded in even misleading me here sef

  3. It obviously shows it’s a Lagos oriented setting. I mean, what other African country uses a mass of Yellow and black-striped buses? Black Panther is a hero based in Wakanda. A fictional ‘African’ country. So what Marvel is probably doing is depicting an African country and what better way to do that than use a country like Nigeria. Population. Popularity. Which is kinda like a direct contradiction. Cuz, Wakanda is supposed to be an extremely rich country. Due to the large and only Vibranium deposit. Maybe they didn’t utilize It well like we’re not using our oil well lol. So, chill fam. It’s all good.
    Don’t mind King. If you had a blog story you’d probably do the same thing. It’s all headlines man. Put a screamer headline anywhere and you’d have people’s attention.

  4. Ok ok am sure Stiiz would know better now that the movie is out and it was actually Lagos that was the intended location. Although King was right about that scene looking like Ojuelegba ‘cos i thought so too.

  5. Look here mister,go try watch d movie it premierd on 6th of may or dere about or go read bout d synopsis,u’l definately see Wakanda as a fictional nation of Africa nd somthing bout a Laboratory in Lagos,so Lagos is all part of d movie weather it was don with props nd set or real Lagos setting it’s all Lagos.U can watch Xmen:Wolverine Origins u’l get to see Hugh Jackman in another ‘supposed Lagos’.tnks #ActionMovieLover

  6. The problem was subtly trying to Link Nigeria to Wakanda. I still don’t understand why. Wakakanda doesn’t even sound Nigerian as opposed to some African countries.

  7. Una get oooooo,people wey act the firm dey hs dey rest,use the money do better thing,una dey here dey argue

  8. They tried but clearly after seeing the movie most parts were out of place an anyone who has ever been to Nigeria would tell in an instant that it wasn’t lagos

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