Sad! Mini Kim Kardashian Is Dead?

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kim kardashian dead

Kim Kardashian Dead?…. No, Not The Big One… The Mini One

Mini Kim Kardashian garnered fame after she starred as the little people’s Kim Kardashian at Beacher’s Madhouse in Las Vegas and Hollywood Roosevelt.

Real name, Kim Tripp, reportedly was in good health on Saturday.

The 32 year-old was discovered by partner mini Kanye who also played as Kanye West on the show. Mini Kanye claims he  found her body on the front porch of their Las Vegas apartment just after midnight on Sunday morning.

Beacher told TMZ, ”No word yet on whether foul play may have been involved or if it was a medical issue”.

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Mini Kim Kardashian dead

Kim Tripp represented little people at the cabaret show, Beacher’s Madhouse at the MGM in Las Vegas and the Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles.

Beachers Spokesman said : ‘Today is a sad day, the Beacher’s Madhouse family lost one of our founders and original members. She was our Shining Star. My prayers and love go out to our team and her family. 

She will be loved and missed by all. Little people are an integral part of the Beacher’s Madhouse cabaret and are featured in a variety of roles including performers and servers. People who have dwarfism can occasionally have health issues due to the condition, including breathing problems and weight problems’.

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Mini Kim Kardashian dead
Comments : 
What made her “mini Kim K”?’
Probably self proclaimed to crave attention or by the channel so people will watch. It’s all B.S . I have no time for these people’.

And this is some kind of news because?????? People die everyday She will be forgotten in few days, the world will still turn and the sun will rise and fall’.

And when you die no one will care at all. You’ll never be forgotten, because no one knows who you are. Your body will probably be unclaimed, and you’ll be burned and dumped in the trash like a homeless person. No one will write a story about you’.

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