Russian Killer-Nanny Smiles While Admitting: ‘Allah Asked Me To Behead The Child’

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Gulchekhra Bobokulova, – Gulya for short – committed an inhuman act, Monday, when she beheaded a four year-old special needs child, Nastya Meshcheryakova, under her care. Afterwards she set fire to her body. It has been revealed that Gulya is a schizophrenic and has hidden her illness very well.

‘The bloody nanny’ as she has been monikered by Russian press replied with a smile, “Allah ordered me” when asked why she had killed the child as she made her way to the courtroom for her hearing while handcuffed to a police officer.


The 38-year-old mother of three smiled for the camera as she replied ‘Yes’ when asked if she was guilty, Tuesday, in Moscow, Russia. She told the court she did not feel any regret for her actions and believed the child deserved to die.

Bobokulova said: ‘Allah is sending a second prophet to give news of peace. I am hungry. I have not been fed and I would die in a week’. ‘Hi to everyone,’ she added as she waved at journalists in the courtroom.


After the headless body of little Nastya was discovered, an emotional investigator, Olga Lapteva, told the court the suspect had perpetrated an ‘extremely serious crime’ and Bobokulova should be charged with ‘a mandatory prison sentence of considerably more than three years’. 


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Information reaching Russian police today reveals the deranged woman was in the apartment with ‘a mystery boyfriend or husband’ when Nastya Meshcheryakova, was killed at around 8AM and 8.40AM. They believe though she was the perp, she wasn’t the instigator. She was probably radicalized. Her mental illness may have been exploited.

“Police are presently trying to check if it is true that a stranger was in the flat at that time and if he has something to do with the murder. The accomplices of the suspect, or we better say the instigators, are currently at large“, an Investigator told the court.


A relative of the dead girl said that Bobokulova had a serious argument with her current partner on the phone the day before the murder. Known as Gulya to the family – she had married a man during a trip to Uzbekistan around 18 months ago.

The relative said: ‘Gulya seriously changed after this. She started wearing hijab, she began to pray in her room. Before she was never religious, she wore ordinary clothes, sports clothes, shirts. But when he left the flat, she always put on a hijab. Nastya’s mother Ekaterina – or Katya – treated the change ‘with understanding – it was Gulya’s religion. I know she was arguing with her new husband on phone very often recently. The day before the murder they had a particularly loud argument that Katya even asked Gulya to slow down. Bobokulova had been registered at a psychiatric clinic in her homeland Uzbekistan – and her condition had been deteriorating in recent months’.

She had strangled Nastya , who had learning difficulties, before cutting off her head with a kitchen knife, after which she set the place on fire. The little girl’s remains were discovered in her cot.


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According to LifeNews: ‘In her first testimony Bobokulova said that just over a month ago, she went to her homeland, to Uzbekistan to renew her passport. When she got to her home, she learned that her husband had started a new family. She was invited to become a second wife. In total, she spent 25 days there. It is reported that when she returned to Russia, she complained to Nastya’s family about her spouse, accusing him of cheating on her. The family problems caused her ‘acute manic psychosis. Nastya’s parents, Vladimir and Ekaterina, noticed her ‘unstable mind’ but believed it was caused by fatigue, according to one account. The nanny had worked for the family in Moscow for around three years”.


A family friend denied that Ekaterina – known as Katya – had noticed anything strange in the nanny’s behavior: ‘Believe me, if something was wrong, Katya would not miss this moment. She is a shrewd woman, she would notice. She trusted Gyulchekhra fully. More than this she considered her family member. Everyone called her just Gulya. They all lived in one flat. That is why Katya and Vladimir rented a big flat with two bedrooms, so they all had enough space”. 


This was an act of cold-blooded deliberate murder. Schizophrenia or not.

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