Rock To Work: Fancy Ties for Men

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There are various ways to knot a tie but today, we’d rather show you how to rock it.

Having aesthetics, symmetry, difficulty and knot size in mind, we are focusing on the men with our usual Rock to work. Remember that the length and width of your tie matter, so have that in mind when getting a stylish tie for your work closet.

We look at five stylish ties and how to rock them to work.

Solid color


You can never go wrong with a solid color for your tie, it’s safe and fashionable at the same time. You can switch things up by trying a different fabric like the Penrose London Velvet and Satin tie we paired this look with.

Polka dots 


Polka dots have a very distinct pattern that most probably won’t show up in any other piece you are wearing. Polka dot ties give a more dressy look to your entire outfit. Here’s a polka dot tie from the tie bar this particular one is extremely textured.



Take a more interesting approach to prints like this Banana Republic skull prints tie. Subtle yet it’s making all kinds of fashion statements.



Striped ties are the most common ties everywhere, and they commonly called university tie. Anyone can pull it off, really. Check out this Todd Snyder tie we paired with this outfit.



You can’t do too much with floral ties, pairing it with mainly solid colors while rocking it is a great way to go. Have a look at this Tiger of Sweden floral tie we selected for this look.



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