Rihanna Crowned ‘World’s Chillest Celebrity Ever’ For Her Humility

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Rihanna Crowned 'World's Chillest Celebrity' Ever

Rihanna crowned ‘World’s Chillest Celebrity Ever’ for hosting one-of-a-kind free meet and greet for fans.

Rihanna crowned ‘World’s Chillest Celebrity’ by the worldwide association of celebrity observers.

The photographs weren’t like the ones you see the celebrities forcing a smile or any of that ‘I don’t want to but I just have to take this shot with a fan’ kind of shit.

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It’s a pretty big deal as stars charge through the tooth just to have fans take snapshots with them and Rihanna doing it for free puts her in everyone’s good book.

She was sincerely involved with her fans. Making funny faces, cheek-kissing, high-fiving, and hugging anyone that asked for a picture. And she gave it all for free.

No other star does that. They all charge exorbitantly. Especially Britney Spears, Beyonce and Justin Beiber. And they don’t feel real in the shots either which is why Rihanna was crowned.

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Rihanna holds free meet and greet

Crowning her ‘Chillest Celebrity Ever’ seems worth it according to fans all over the world because other celebrities charge well into the thousands for just a snap. Some, like Britney Spears have a non-negotiable ‘no-touching’ policy.

Rihanna’s free meet and greet happened outside her tour bus after one of her shows. She is seen making weird faces, poking tongues and just having a great star-fan time.

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Rihanna crowned the Chillest Celebrity Ever

Some of the stars who charge outrageously include :

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas‘ joint tour it’ll cost you a cool 10 grand for a VIP package — that doesn’t even include concert tickets. Granted, for only $400 though you can get a signed poster and a professional photo with only Demi. Nick fans will have to pay a separate $400. (Source / TMZ)

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Rihanna hosted her fans to a free photo session after her ANTI tour show

Jennifer Lopez charges $1,600. Beyonce ONLY offers group photos on RARE occasions to those who shell out $1,700 for front row seats. Interested in meeting Britney Spears during her Las Vegas residency? That’ll put you out about $2,500. Britney literally has a no touching rule. (Source / The Hollywood Reporter)

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Rihanna’s Work has been trending since it made its debut

Justin Beiber is officially the most expensive. Having your image next to his on polaroid comes in two packages.  The ‘I’m Sorry’ singer who is currently on his “Purpose” World Tour, demands a whopping $2,000 for a VIP package, which is the only way to snag a selfie with the star.

The second package Justin offers costs $925 per person and includes only a “group photo” with Bieber.  (Source / MusicTimes.com).

360nobs - Rihanna Crowned 'World's Chillest Celebrity' Ever
Rihanna Crowned ‘World’s Chillest Celebrity’ Ever

The more hands on Rihanna has made thousands of fans happy with her genuine interest in her fans.

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