Queens College Principal Releases Statement Over Osifala Allegations

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Queens College principal releases statement – The Principal of Queens College, Yaba, Dr Mrs Lami Amodu has responded to allegations leveled at a teacher, Mr. Olaseni Osifala.

Queens College principal releases statement
Queens College principal releases statement

The allegations had first surfaced on social media, where a student in Senior Secondary School had accused the teacher of repeatedly trying to molest her.

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According to Mike Ile’s Blog, Amodu stated that no parent had ever reported Olaseni to her, and spoke about everyone respects the teacher.

She said: “As I talk to you, no single parent has come to me or any of my Vice-Principals to report Olaseni as a molester. I assure you that if the allegation was true, other parents would have been buzzing our lines non-stop.”

“Personally, even before I resumed, a former principal of Kings College had recommended Olaseni as a credible person to work with. His name is Otunba Dele Olapeju. He is a highly respectable man. Let us not forget that Olaseni worked with five different principals, all of who also told me good words about him, despite the various allegations against him.

“I have investigated and we are not relenting in our determination to get to the bottom of this case. The man in question has been of impeccable character and committed service since I resumed work here. I can vouch for him.
When I resumed work here, I was told a few unsavoury things about him. But investigations showed that each time a new principal resumed at Queens College, these allegations popped up.”

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“They would tell every new principal that Mr Olaseni is a molester. But after investigations, nothing concrete came up. My predecessor, whom we just sent forth today, told me the same thing. So it has been a recurring decimal, these allegations. We have come to understand that some persons are on a campaign of calumny against this teacher. Yet, he is the best teacher in our school.

“During World Teachers’ Day, he bagged five awards. The students all have good things to say about him. Somebody somewhere is up to some mischief and we will uncover this unfortunate drama.”



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  1. U say these allegations keep coming up & yet u think a different person is lying all the time right? Until some girl gets raped in ur school…dat’s if it’s not happened yet, then u will know it’s true. Who told u a child molester cannot bag awards in teaching…no one said he does not teach well, they said he is molesting our girls. If his good teaching is blinding u from seeing d horror these young girls are going through then u r a shameless excuse for a woman..am on my knees to my God right now, I pray he protects d girls & expose all ur evils in d school soon enough.

  2. Thinking objectively on this issue, one can’t but, imagine a situation where the school authority is playing loyal to a highly talented, academically competent & socially connected teacher,whose pedigree is highly intimidating.
    If these sexual molestation allegations of our girls has popped up severally after the tenure of 5 different principals without nothing concrete from investigations,there are only two possibilities,its either the panel of inquiry are not independent or scared of being victimized. Aside that,who are those popping up this so called” unfortunate drama”? Are they faceless? And why do they pop up such a matter of character assassination without a legal action by Mr Olaseni Osifala?
    My deductions from this story are very simple, the teacher is highly intelligent & socially connected to some highly influential personalities. The pupils are so naive and dare not testify against him openly. Some parents keep mute out of cowardice or fear of having their children expelled from the college! The school authority has a name to protect at the peril of our girls!
    But,to me, this matter must be investigated professionally by independent persons.
    The principal, Dr Mrs Lami amodu may not be telling us the whole truth, in a bid to protect the queens’ college from public embarrassment.
    But, whether she likes it, the truth will prevail and if Mr Olaseni Osifala is innocent,those behind this mischief will be unmasked and disgraced.
    This is my simple submission.

  3. The law says a person is innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. So I say let his accusers bring a case against him. Also, if hes found not guilty, with the mass of allegations, he should be transferred to another school, preferably an all boys school

  4. For 5 good years, they bring the same matter to the round table, then they will drop it and he would move on with his teaching, so what is Mr. Olaseni still doing in the school? Did his mother bury his placenta there?

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