#PSquareIsOver! Peter Okoye Moves On With New Management

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Peter Okoye Moves On With New Management

Peter Okoye moves on with new management. 

Fans of the award-winning group, PSquare, have been going on a back and forth journey of – ‘is PSquare still together?’ and ‘Have PSquare broken up?’ for a while now.

Although there has been no news from either Peter or Paul’s camp, fans and observers have been fed subtle impressions proving they ‘just might be going solo’.

The speculation finally comes to an end today as Peter Okoye revealed he now has a new management.

It’s official PSquare fans, the group is over. We just hope they both do successfully as solo acts.

The fans aren’t happy about this recent development. It’s also skeptical to judge if Peter and Paul will swim to the shores of success or sink in the depth of their decision to go solo. We hope it’s the former.

  • ememndatah – Awww. I feel saddened that you have to go separate ways. But may God guide you all
  • dayveedoh – So peter got a new manager now? Fuck dat shit
  • bukar_tee – They may b doing their tinz in different ways buh they’re still of dsame blood,they may separate musically, but they can Neva separate as brothers…so c’mon,y should I b bothered???
  • bahsanusi – Psquare will never seperate…… Peter you are joking right? Jude is the best manager you can ever have
  • rm_jody – U guyz know watz best,its cool 2 be apart for a moment and see life from individual perspective but please don’t let wateva issues u have get too deep, simply live it at d surface so its eventually easy 2 fix when d time is ripe.love u both
Peter Okoye Moves On
Peter Okoye Moves On
Henry Ugochukwu Atasie  Henry Ugochukwu Atasie – Remember Styl Plus, das all i hv 2 say. In their level of success back then, they thought they’ve had it all n can SPLIT , now pple re only sending condolence while they re still alive. With UNITY a two sticks of broom can sweep away dirt.
  • dualaekokoemmanuel – It breaks my heart anytime i think of the fact that you guys are not together, please for all our sake get back together, this is now way bigger than just you two. Its all of us now. #NA BEG ARE DI BEG.
  • juxsugar – How will it feel performing alone on stage tho ??….Both of u make really beautiful music together,am still ur Number1 fan… Wish u Goodluck….
  • iam_mcarradit – I know psquare not Petter and Paul, I gain a lot of inspiration from you guys I was started as Mc but now (up coming) English and Yoruba rapper , thank to God & psquare , what happend BTW you guys is a something you can settle, if you feel like sign in artist I think you guys can without quarrel. God bless PP God bless Me God bless Nigeria.
  • kweenbee__212 – ?????you think you guys can sing abi?…. We are just managing you people because you’re “psquare ” abeg gerarahere make we see road… Sing make we hear na……you’re not
360nobs - Peter Okoye Moves On With New Management 1
Peter Okoye Moves On With New Management
  • richjoel007 – So this is true chai…heart breaking indeed. Brothers kwa maka egoo
  • iamdeejayscar – Oh please you guys should stop with dis peace talks… if@peterpsquare is not happy with the way he is been treated in d group then he has every right to move on.. there’s no wrong in that… @peterpsquare do your thing… if they feel your breaking out is wrong then they should do the right thing… it has always been Psquare not JPsquare…
  • obikadavid – D funi tin is neither of d psquare brothers would debunk any breakup rumor or speak on d issue.. They have kept d fans and Nigerians in d dark.. Nw oga peter is doing solo shows… D best u guys can do is to tell us u re no longer a group and have decided to move on… Anyways for me, I am done following psquare.. Perter, u and ur brother should know u are losing ur fans.. But it seems u pple don’t care..
  • jacknd13 – Good bro keep it up…..una don make billions together it’s now time to make billions individually …..God bless
  • rm_jodyU guyz know watz best,its cool 2 be apart for a moment and see life from individual perspective but please don’t let wateva issues u have get too deep, simply live it at d surface so its eventually easy 2 fix when d time is ripe.love u both.

‘Peter Okoye moves on’, isn’t something we expected to start the week with. Still, the deed has been done. Many fans are presently calling Peter and Paul out to let them know, they love the group and not the individuals.

It is a very tricky time at the moment for both brothers as they head-out on uncharted waters of solo-careers. What do you think? Will they swim or sink?

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  1. I neva thought of dis.. It brkz ma hrt 2 no dat p square r nt 2gather again…. Remember hw u guyz sang ME and MA BRODA… I swear dy whole wrld will never forgive u guyz.. 4 doing dis 2 us… Ur SUPER FANZ… Pls cum bk 2gather nd dnt b lyk..Style plus nd plantasun boiz

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