PHOTOS: Chinese Mall Celebrates International Women’s Day With Bra Contest

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Chinese Mall celebrates International Women’s Day – The International Women’s Day aims to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.

A shopping mall in Lizhou city, China celebrated this in their own weird little way, as they held a bra unbuckling contest right in the mall.

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Six model all clad in matching lingerie were assembled on stage, and 8 members of the audience were invited to unbuckle their bras as fast as possible.

Both men and women were among the selected audience members, but it was a woman who came out tops, unbuckling all 6 in 14 seconds.

See photos from the ‘celebration’ below!

Chinese Mall celebrates International Women's Day
Chinese Mall celebrates International Women’s Day (Photo credit: ZHANG CUNLI/IMAGINECHINA/AP)

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