Peter Okoye Shares New Song Teaser After Dumping Elder Brother, Jude Okoye

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PSquare music group’s other half, Peter Okoye, released a teaser of what we suspect to be his new song.

The song titled ‘Eyes’ has a clip of its lyrics which goes ‘look into my eyes, tell me what you see‘, sounds like something every music lover will have on their playlist plus Peter singing that song (refer to video) and licking his lips at the same time is giving us (females) major kissing goals.

The video is in five parts:

Part1 #InMyCar #KoolestDude song tittle ??EYES? #AnotherGreatDay #GodBlessMyHustle ???????

A video posted by Peter okoye (Psquare) (@peterpsquare) on

Part2 #InMyCar #KoolestDude song tittle ??EYES? #AnotherGreatDay #GodBlessMyHustle ???????

A video posted by Peter okoye (Psquare) (@peterpsquare) on

Part3 #InMyCar #KoolestDude song tittle ??EYES? #AnotherGreatDay #GodBlessMyHustle ???????

A video posted by Peter okoye (Psquare) (@peterpsquare) on

Part4 #InMyCar #KoolestDude song tittle ??EYES? #AnotherGreatDay #GodBlessMyHustle ???????

A video posted by Peter okoye (Psquare) (@peterpsquare) on

Part5 #InMyCar #KoolestDude song tittle ??EYES? #AnotherGreatDay #GodBlessMyHustle ???????

A video posted by Peter okoye (Psquare) (@peterpsquare) on

In February, Peter Okoye bared his mind regarding his relationship with elder brother Jude Okoye, calling him out via social media. Peter posted lots of tweets about Jude’s managerial position in the family-owned record label, Rude Boy Records. 

Tweets include:

2013 I told Jude his no longer needed as our manager he agrees only for u to come to me that if he is not our manager then we should split!

Teampsquare pls help me ask my twin why he insisted that everything we own must be shared equally with Jude . Otherwise Psquare should split.

My bro I will still stand and fight for you because you and I started this journey b4 Jude came onboard as our manager.

Fans and friends I totally agree with you that we are grown ass men that we shouldn’t be doin this. But you guys deserve to Knw the truth.

Was in the studio with @cynthiamorgan1 working with her and u told her to excuse us.

You then said you heard I wanted to sign her. And then ask what will pple be looking at Jude as if I sign an artiste.

3day later returned my contract and said jude said me trying to sign her on a different label is becoming a problem.

But after 2 weeks she signed with Jude…. My brother think am. 

But let’s not go deep…. I still stand my ground. He is fired.

Legal or no legal. We don’t owe him.. We don’t even have a contract with him. So it’s all good.

Am still on the hashtag

After several artistes weighed in on the matter, Peter apologized with an Instagram post captioned Change.

“I am not perfect i make mistakes, and it hurts people. But when I say sorry I mean it. I am so SORRY for my actions. I sincerely apologize??”. 

But he insists the apology IS NOT FOR JUDE. It’s for the fans.

The only thing constant in life is Change. #MostPeopleDontGetIt

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