Pedophile Priest Impersonates Twin Brother And Molests 18 Teenagers Over 15-Year-Period

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Pedophile priest, Peter Ball, was disgraced out of the church of England

The pedophile priest was jailed for thirty-two months last year after he admitted to sexually abusing eighteen teenagers and young men over 15 years.

Peter Ball formerly served as the Bishop of Lewes and Gloucester when he perpetuated the acts. He also duped the congregation he was serving in after impersonating his identical twin brother.

Recent investigations reveal that in 1990’s when he served as a bishop in Cornwall, he might have led services as Michael Ball, a bishop in Cornwall in the 1990’s.

The 83 year-old traveled across the country conducting services under the guise of his identical twin brother Micheal.

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Pedophie priest, 83 year-old Peter Bell impersonated identical twin brother

During his hearing, the Old Bailey heard how ‘Ball, of Langport, Somerset, hand-picked vulnerable victims to commit acts of ‘debasement’ in the name of religion, including praying naked at the altar and submitting to beatings’.

The incident which Peter admitted to seems to have been dug out again as fresh information shows he purportedly ‘deceived church-goers by impersonating his identical twin Michael, who was a bishop in Cornwall during the 1990s’.

While the church of England is reviewing its approach on the issue, The Diocese of Truro is looking into evidence that Ball conducted services in his brother’s place.

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The Right Reverend Tim Thornton said : ”There was no evidence that the Diocese gave Peter Ball permission to lead any services in Cornwall in the 1990s. 

We have one or two bits of evidence now where it does appear as if Bishop Peter went and did things which Bishop Michael should have been doing. 

It might be that Bishop Peter thought it was clear that he was being Bishop Peter.

 On some occasions he might have made it very clear at the beginning that he was there in place of his brother, but it might not have been evident to everybody”. 

It would have been ‘a limited number of services in a limited number of churches’.

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Pedophile priest

In 2003, the police investigated Peter and gave him a warning. The impersonator promised to relinquish authority as Bishop of Gloucester and leave the country, immediately.

Rather than fulfill his promise, Peter reneged and continued officiating as a priest in the church of England till 2010.

Between 1977 and 1992, Peter had carried out sexual abuse on over sixteen young men.

He pleaded guilty to one charge of misconduct of public office and two counts of indecent assault over the fifteen year period.

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