Paul Okoye, Your Sniveling Does Not Move Us

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It’s not news that musical duo, P-Square, Peter and Paul Okoye are no longer together.

Following a series of family feuds made public, the twin brothers decided to go their separate ways. Their fans and the general public have reacted to the split, with many disappointed in them and begging them to return.

For the rest of us, it was just as well; we saw this coming. It was only a matter of time.

Many have blamed the split on Peter’s wife, Lola Omotayo while others blamed their elder brother Jude Okoye who has been said to have brought them to the limelight, a claim that some friends close to the twins have refuted. According to those sources, Peter and Paul were well on their way to success and might have made it without Jude.

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But whatever the true story of their success is, we all know that money does play a hand somewhere, whether directly or otherwise. The whole thing has got me thinking, if these dudes were struggling, would they split? When they were struggling, why didn’t they split?

Questions, questions. We will never have the answers, even if we hear from the horses’ mouths. Both of them will have different versions to the whole fracas and even Jude and the wives will have their own angles.

Paul Okoye

Now, to the crux of the matter.

Peter seems to have moved on but Paul has not. Last we heard of him, he was begging someone to Call Heaven and talk to his mom.

Peter was telling us to look into his eyes and while he was flashing pictures online of his new manager, Paul was sniveling in his song. Dude was actually crying.

The song wasn’t that bad in my opinion (in the sense that it sounds like all P-Square songs). It was the sniffing and sniveling that just plain got to me. Am I the only one that thinks he was emotionally trying to tug at our strings and paint his brother in a bad light? No.paul sniveling


I don’t know what he wants us to do with his tears. Give him a hanky, pat him on the back or insult Peter for taking a bold step to find his way?

What do we do with a crying man?! And what does he want his late parents to do?

Dude, the strings have been severed. Move on. Do your thing like your brother is doing. Peter has shown us over the course of the past few years that he can stand on his own. Paul can do well for himself by finding his own course. The story may not be quite over. Maybe they need to understand themselves as men and as separate entities, to decipher what they want individually in life, before coming to a common ground.

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Being twins does not mean they need to be together all the time. It doesn’t mean each can’t find his way. I think Peter has accepted this, even as it must have been a difficult decision to come to.

Paul needs to grasp the message as well. He needs to move on and stop crying because really his sniveling does nothing to change the situation.

And for God’s sake, Paul Okoye, you’re a grown ass man!






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  1. Exude a lil bit of compassion in your report.this isn’t just a group it’s family comprising of identical who it seems have shared quite alot.bcos it’s easy for peter who seems to be enjoying his 2mins of fame, to move doesn’t mean it will be easy for the let paul cry it doesn’t make him less of a man or an entertainer

    1. Leave the bastard i thought he has a reasonable tin to post here, i don’t know he was even among the morons that plot to their Separation, idiot, do u even have a broda? not to talk of twin, Useless pikin am sure u would have use this same exact kind of words to ruin your whole family. pls peter have a rethink sometimes our destinies are tied up and connected with one anoda and if it loses it becomes a problem to either the head or the tail, take Donjazzy and D’bang for instance, Kcpresh, plantation boys and so many that i can’t remember at the moment. the truth is 2 heads are always beta dan 1 nd i knw wit time u will always feel ur broda’s absence. Nice words from nkiru and tina u hav spoken well

  2. Bastard Paul and Jude has been on PETER neck All these years…He has no choice than to go Solo, I thought U guys said Paul does all the Singing. Never Underrate the man in the Background, without him no Background. Good work PETER…Move On bro.

  3. This is just trash, I thought you have something sensible to say.your write up lacks deep and you yourself, sound like a ranting child. It’s a family affair clearly one is more emotional.

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