Pastor Says He’ll Seal Himself In A Coffin Until Easter

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Pastor says he’ll seal himself in a coffin until Easter but chooses a cot with a heater instead

Wig-wearing Pastor of the Sunrise Baptist Church, Bishop Rickey Moore announced on Twitter that he would recreate the resurrection of Jesus Christ in “3D” by staying in a coffin for three days.

“It is as if you were really there when it occurred – in 3D,” stated Moore who was planning a special 3am service on Easter Sunday.

He encouraged people in the videos to stop by the church to confirm that he was still in the coffin. “Two o’clock in the morning you want to drive by – five o’clock in the morning you want to drive by and ask the question, ‘is he still there?’”

However, after much talk on social media, most of which scorned him, Mooore changed his special plan and says he’s  opted to stay out of the coffin. He prefers a cot with a space heater for the next 36 hours.

“I thought about a casket so if it started raining I would be able to close the lid to keep the elements from getting on me,” said Moore. “It rained on Thursday morning and the weather man tells us it’s going to be a beautiful day tomorrow and Sunday, so therefore there is no need for us to be in a casket.”

He says he proud of the attention he has received as a result of his plan.

“I had a vision about how I could get this city’s attention,” he said. “The lord gave me a vision and because of the vision he gave me I stepped out on faith.”

According to the Shreveport Times, Moore will will be one water bottle over the 36-hour period and will have a special guardsman “protecting his tomb”.



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