Paris Fashion Week AW16: Issey Miyake

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Issey Miyake’s designer Yoshiyuki Miyamae traveled beyond unknown and unseen beauty with his fall 2016 collection.

Known for his technological approach to design, Miyamae used a technique called “3D Steam Stretch,” which uses steam to shrink cloth and the end result was a beautiful burst of color.

Outfits were pleated at different angles which gave a rather dramatic expression as each new look connected to the previous one.

Check the collection below;

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs1

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs2

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs3

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs4

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs5

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs6

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs7

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs8

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs9

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs10

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs11

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs12

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs13

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs14

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs15

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs16

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs17

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs18

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs19

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs20

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs21

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs22

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs23

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs24

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs25

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs26

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs27

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs28

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs29

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs30

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs31

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs32

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs33

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs34

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs35

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs36

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs37

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs38

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs39

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs40

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs41

pfw2016_issey miyake_360nobs42





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