Olamide Gets Tagged As Live Chicken By Poultry Traders, Alongside Wizkid #ThinWizkid #FatBadoo

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Olamide gets point and kill chicken named after him, alongside Wizkid

Award winning presenter, Freeze, visited the market to purchase some poultry protein; when he asked the seller for the type of chickenavailable, he was informed there are two types of chicken in the market, thin Wizkid and fat Badoo.

360nobs - Wizkid 1
Wizkid and Olamide enter live chicken branding

Freeze captioned it :

”I went to the market today to shop for fresh chicken and Guinea fowl only for me to make an amazing discovery!!???????? Little scrawny chickens are called ‘WIZKID’ while big fat chickens are called ‘BADOO’. Oya guys make your choice BADOO or WIZKID???? ??????????????”

Freeze has been in the spotlight over his bluntness a number of times. His new joke will not taste sweet going down the ear of either artistes lest they come for him on a track.

Or better yet, just ignore him until something else takes his attention away from them.

360nobs - olamide gets
Olamide gets tagged as live chicken

On a real note, Nigerians though, how can you name Wizkid and Badoo after chickens? This is the kind of joke you say ‘it’s not funny’ to while laughing your ass off.

  • doublehay – ‘“Wizkid” is tastier and more nutritious.’
  • biafradiva – ‘Correct! Now i miss that aspect of sunday market chicken killing galore! Home is where the heart is’

Earlier this month Daddy Freeze Called A Female Fan “An Octopus Sea Witch”. The fanenemy had shaded Freeze for calling out Olajumoke’s success in contrast and merit to the graduate with a high GPA.

She had first referred to the Cool FM presenter as an ‘ugly yellow crayfish’.

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360nobs - Wizkid 2
Wizkid Ayo Balogun, 26

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