“No Freedom For Oscar Pistorius” High Court Rejects Appeal

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In 2013, paralympian Oscar Pistorius shot and killed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, ‘unintentionally’, according to his words.


Those words have been reviewed as false since all the evidence the prosecuting court furnished proves Mr Pistorius did not commit manslaughter as he implied. Rather, he executed murder, ‘intentionally’ ending Miss Steenkamp’s life on Valentine’s day, three years ago.


He was handed a 15 year-jail time verdict in December but chose to appeal with the South African high court after which he was released on bail. The Constitutional Court, today, ruled the paralympian had no reasonable grounds of success with his legal fight and MUST serve his time.

South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said the Constitutional Court found “no prospect of success” in Pistorius’ appeal. The case will now go back to Judge Thokozile Masipa – who cleared the athlete of murder in the original case and replaced it with manslaughter – for sentencing on 18 April.


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The 29 year-old was previously under house arrest following his previous conviction for manslaughter which was overturned to MURDER last December.

This turn in his verdict will see Pistorius face an upward of fifteen years in jail. A verdict he earlier appealed for with South Africa’s highest court and today was rejected as the highest legal authority in the country insists the verdict against the Olympic medalist MUST stand.


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Pistorius is due to attend a final hearing on April 18 where his sentence will  be relayed. After his last public appearance on December 8 in Pretoria High Court, the fallen-from-grace star was fitted with an electronic monitoring tag.

His bail conditions permits him to leave his uncle’s house (where he was serving his ‘house arrest’ sentence) at set times with official permission, and not travel further than 20km (12 miles).

Miss Steenkamp was a model and a lawyer; and her family welcomed Pistorius’s murder conviction while describing his Constitutional Court appeal as a ‘delaying tactic’ to keep him out of jail.


Spokesman for the National Prosecuting Authority Luvuyo Mfaku said: ‘The court dismissed the application for leave to appeal because there are are no prospects of success. The court’s decision was made on Wednesday.

Also confirming the court’s decision was Defence lawyer Andrew Fawcett who said: ‘We’ll proceed to the sentencing.’

Tania Koehn, the lawyer for the Steenkamp family, told local TV news channel eNCA that they felt, ‘the law must take its course. They don’t want to comment any further’.

While facing manslaughter charges, he received a five year sentence, which he had been serving in a SA prison prior to his release on October 19th when he was granted permission to serve out the remainder of his sentence at his uncle’s mansion in Pretoria, capital of South Africa. He had already served one year out of his jail time.

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