Nigerian Armed Forces Launch New ‘Harmonised’ Camouflage

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The Nigerian Armed Forces have inaugurated the harmonised military desert and woodland camouflage uniforms to check the proliferation of camouflage uniforms across the country.

The harmonised camouflage, which was launched on Monday in Lagos by the Air Force, will now be the official camouflage of the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Air Force and the Nigerian Navy.

The new development will have all the arms of the Nigerian military wearing the same camouflage uniform and also having a common system of identification.

The Air Officer Commanding, Logistics Command of the Nigerian Air Force, Air Vice Marshal Muhammadu Muhammed, who launched the camouflage on behalf of the Chief of Air Staff, opined that the introduction of the new harmonized camouflage will control the proliferation of camouflage among military, paramilitary and civil security outfits.

Muhammed said: “Over the years, the various armed services in Nigeria had used different shades of the camouflage for military operations and exercises.

“Akin to this was the proliferation of the camouflage among several security, paramilitary and civil security outfits.

“This development has dire implication on our national security. It is the recognition of these consequences that the higher management of defence adopted the Desert Camouflage and Woodland Camouflage for our Armed Forces.”

The Air Force boss also said that “the harmonisation is also expected to promote joint-ness among the Armed Forces, as well as foster comradeship and inter-service cooperation.

He added that the Nigerian Air Force had already distributed a total of 4,000 camouflage to the personnel, who are involved in internal security duties, while an additional 9,000 new camouflage would be distributed soon.

What would differentiate soldiers now would be the tags on the left side of the chest, signifying whether the soldier is an Airforce, Army or Naval officer.

Images of the new camouflage to be published later.



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