Nicki Minaj Takes South Africa On A ‘PinkPrint’ Experience

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Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Takes the ‘PinkPrint’ Tour To SA as part of her World Tour.

Nicki Minaj takes the tour on its first leg of her concert which was Thursday, and Friday saw the Harajuku Barbie perform live for thousands of screaming fans at the TicketPro Dome.

She wrote on Instagram – “Dear South Africa, I am deeply in love with you. Can’t thank you enough for tonight.”

360nobs - Nicki Minaj Takes


Her performance kilt it… as always. Nicki captioned it : ” ?? omg. I said “South Africa, u mean the wooorrrlldd to meeee. How do u do dat shit?” ~ lol so in love with them ❤️”.

#BlessedIndeed obsessed with #Johannesburg #SouthAfrica

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Nicki received global love… 

  • jose_aiko – still gives me chills to know how far she’s come.
  • dam15n – Amazing! That’s what it means to be “famous” and ‘loved”. Thank you.
  • Obk – Thank you Nicki, for including South Africa in your World tour. I’ll be a Nicki fan till the death of me. U killed it last night!
  • artystackz – This is unreal. I can only imagine?I wanna feel all that good positive energy at one time day
Nicki Minaj Takes
Nicki Minaj Takes SA

A video clip which she posted showed South Africa airport attendants all jubilant. Well, it didn’t sit well with many who watched it as they claim to have been embarrassed by the attendants actions.

The video which got over two-hundred-and-eighty-thousand likes as at last count, had over three-thousand comments; most of it slamming the airport attendants.

South Africa!!!!! See you tonight!!!! ?

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Is this embarrassing or nah?! Read the comments : 

  • justnsikak – Hmmmm , this can’t happen in Nigeria
  • monafstevens – this is what the world thinks of us now ???
  • audrenaa – ? instead of them to do their work 

360nobs - nicki minaj insta 1

What’s up with her poses though? She grew but she never left those “crawl-on-knees-while-poking-ya-ass-out” trashy photo positions. 

Check out her snaps which she shared on her website. 360nobs - nicki minaj insta 360nobs - nicki minaj insta 3 360nobs - Nicki Minaj Takes 1 360nobs - Nicki Minaj Takes 3

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