New Sex Trend Has Women Paying Over N41,000 For Strangers To Rub Their Vaginas

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A strange new sex trend amongst British women has seen many women paying a stranger to touch their vaginas.

This trend is called Orgasmic Meditation. It involves group masturbation that guarantees a “larger state of consciousness, improving intimacy in relationships and generally increasing your orgasm skills”.

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What you get in a routine orgasmic meditation session is a woman undressed from the waist down as a practitioner rubs her clitoris for about 15 minutes, Daily Star reports .

Before the practitioner starts, he will describe in detail, the woman’s vagina – noting the colour, texture and shape.


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Group stroking is known as a ‘nest’. Orgasmic Meditation was founded in 2001 by Nicole Daedone and her San Francisco-based organisation OneTaste; and it has more than 10,000 practitioners and 2,000 already in the UK alone.

“The female orgasm is vital for every single woman on the planet,” Nicole says.




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