Men’s Health Thursday: How To Make Your Girlfriend Squirt

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Step by step guide on How To Make Your Girlfriend Squirt

There are a lot of myths surrounding squirting and you may have had a hard time sifting truth from falsehood. The basic truth however is that having a woman squirt is totally safe and the liquid that shoots out at incredible speed is harmless. Squirting is an entirely normal body function which just so happens to help women produce orgasms of insane proportions. Oh, and cleaning up after is much more easier than the male ejaculate.

Step 1: Setting the stage
Forget about the physiology of the female body here and let’s go right on to how you can have her squirt. It is essential she is comfortable and you both are ready for the action. Before embarking on this amazing journey, ensure that your nails are well trimmed with no rough edges. Women on the other hand should make sure they pee beforehand to avoid confusing a squirt feeling with peeing.

You should start out with a lot of foreplay as this will make your partner feel very turned on. This will make it easy for her to squirt. Work your way through her sensitive spots and proceed to give her oral sex. This is bound to make her wetter and will ease the burden of finding her G-spot which will be swollen when she’s aroused.

While giving her oral sex, slip one of your fingers inside her vagina with the fleshy part facing up. Bend the finger in forward motion like you’re calling her towards you. As you do this, you’re likely to find her G-spot which would normally be rougher than the skin surrounding the upper frontal wall of her vagina.

Once you’re sure of the spot, apply pressure by straightening and bending your finger in a “come here motion.” You can add a second finger as time goes by ensuring you follow the same motion technique.

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Step 2: Get The Squirt Pumps Ready
With the first step set in full motion, she should be fully aroused and close to orgasm. The next thing to do is to have her pelvis raised. You can simply place a pillow under her hips while you kneel next to her. Lubricants come in handy at this stage irrespective of how wet she may be. Pour any water based lubricant all over your fingers and palms to ease the continuous movements.

Have her spread her legs as wide as possible while you continue with the G-spot stimulation. Continually tell her about how pretty she looks and how much you’re looking forward to her squirting. At this stage, change the direction of your pinky and index finger, making sure they point down along her thighs toward her butt.

Step 3: Fluids Ready To Go
She should be quite close now but remember that the physiology of women regarding squirting varies. While some at this stage can squirt in under five minutes, it will take others as long as 20 minutes to do so. Curl the two fingers that you have inside her up right against the upper wall of her vagina but below the G-spot. Use your lubricated palm to rub against her clitoris by making a pulling and pushing motion with both your fingers and palm.

Ensure you do this in quick motions while avoiding any kind of roughness that will make her feel uncomfortable. If you’re doing it right, she sure won’t be uncomfortable. The up and down cycles will ensure that her pleasure level reaches its peak and you will notice this by her squirms as she struggles to resist the built-up intensity. Your free hand can be put into use at this stage to push down her pubic bone firmly and to also push the water out when it comes.

Step 4: Showers Of Joy
At the point at which she’s about to climax, you should naturally feel her G-spot push out as if a bubble is forming under your fingers. You should continue to stimulate her clitoris and the moment you remove your fingers, she will squirt. It may be little or much depending on your partner. Keep a towel handy and know that will most likely have an intense full body orgasm which can have her feeling ecstatic.

Just before she’s ready to squirt, a woman will feel a sensation like she has to pee. It’s not pee and you have to make her trust her own body.

Lastly, chances are it won’t work the first time as it takes both of you doing it right. More so, some women won’t be able to but it’s worth giving it a try nonetheless. Kegel exercises can also help women increase their chances of squirting. Even if it doesn’t work, you have the opportunity of making her experience orgasms like she never had before.

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