Men’s Health Thursday: 6 Things You Must Avoid Doing In The Bathroom

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A lot of the things we do in the bathroom are laden with dangers which we may not know about. Whether you believe it or not, the level of domestic risk to you in your house increases the moment you step into your bathroom. Here are six important things you must avoid doing to reduce the risk of injury in your home.

Using An Old Shower Head

According to a study conducted at the University of Colorado at Boulder, a sizable number of showerheads contain bacteria that are potentially harmful. This is so because showerheads contain numerous nooks and crannies which provide nutrients and comfort for pathogenic microbes to thrive.

Furthermore, highly efficient showerheads release water that contain high numbers of bacteria and aerosols which can penetrate deep into your airways. Bleach is not all that effective in destroying these bacteria as they usually grow back after being treated with bleach. Rain-type showerheads are ideal along with showerheads with a single stream of water.

Always change your showerheads.

Shower Sex

Shower sex can help you get your groove on especially if you have a large bathroom and bath tub. It is however dangerous because for a number of reasons including a slippery tub, limited space to move around for you and your partner and the risk of falling. It is best to do everything in the shower except full blown sex to avoid falls which may lead to serious domestic accidents. It’s best you save the sex for when you both hit dry ground.

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Not Having A Bathroom Mat

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention published a report stating that more than 230,000 accidental injuries occurred in the bathroom in 2011 alone. About 20 percent of those injuries were said to have occurred as a result of slipping. These accidents could have been avoided by having bathroom mats which can be helpful in preventing falls. More so, you can consider fitting grab bars that you can hold on to inside and outside your bathrooms.

Overusing Your Sponge
Sponges are good for exfoliation and removal of dead skin but they are also good habitat for bacteria. It is important you wash your sponge at least once a week in vinegar or detergent solution. Squeeze it out and hang it out to dry. If you use a wash cloth, it is also important you wash it weekly following the same procedure as you would do with a sponge. Ensure you squeeze out as much water as you can after use and hang it out to dry.

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Showers During A Thunderstorm
It’s quite dangerous to be close to any plumbing or wiring materials in and around your house during a thunderstorm. This is because lightning can strike a buried power line and come through your plumbing pipes. As such, it’s best to avoid the bathroom, hard-wired video games or computers, and talking on land phones. Even if the thunder strikes at a distance from your house, the lightning is usually still enough to damage electrical appliances in your house and also shock you.

Having A Bath Before Going To Bed
Having a shower at night is beneficial for a lot of reasons. It can help you wash off the dirt of the day and shave off some time off your morning routine. If you are the type that takes hot baths, ensure you do so at least 2 hours before going to bed because the change in your external body temperature can affect your body’s natural sensors that triggers sleep according to a study published in The American Journal of Biology.



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