Men’s Health Thursday: 10 Things Every Man Must Do To Look Sexy

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Things Every Man Must Do To Look Sexy

Leaving the right impression on every woman you meet can go a long way in determining the course your friendship or intended relationship will go. It is important you look good, feel good and be as sexy as you can if you have any hope of warding off competitors. The good part is a lot of men are conscious of their appearance nowadays which points to the fact that you have to put a little bit of effort into looking good and sexy.

Here are 10 things that can make you exude sexiness.

Be A Gentleman

kanye gentleman sexy
Chivalry might be dead to a lot of people but women still find a chivalrous man sexy. Don’t reserve this part of you only for dates, surprise her with your manly characteristics now and again.

Look Trim

dress well
It is essential that your weight and size appear proportional. It’s very much unsexy looking at a man with a huge body and a small head. The solution to this lies in either going to the gym or wearing the proper kind of clothes to mask your disproportionate appearance.

Have An Amazing Haircut

haircut sexy
When it comes to looking sexy with your haircut, the latest hair trend does not necessarily mean the sexiest. An expensive barber does not mean you’d get a good one that will give you a hairstyle that will suit your appearance and lifestyle. Women see a well carved and nicely structured haircut as sexy. Be sure to get your style right.

Be Confident

To appear sexy, you need to be confident in your own skin. Find the reasons why women will see and think of you as sexy. Be confident in who you are and try to make yourself better than who you were.

Facial Hair

beard sexy
Facial hair goes a long way in adding to your sex appeal. Ensure you get yourself properly waxed and shaved by getting rid of any hair that doesn’t look good on you. And by this, we mean nose hair and chest hair that crawls up to your neck.

Wear Fitted Clothes

fit sexy
Getting the best of clothes may be expensive as opposed to getting clothes that fit. Look for ready-made clothes that fit your body frame perfectly. A well fitted outfit accentuates your body in all the right places.

Have Your Style

Image by Rog Walker
Image by Rog Walker

Knowing the kind of image you intend to portray can go a long way in helping you create your style. Your style reflects your personality and women will find you incredibly sexy if you’re comfortable in your own skin and clothes.

Smell Rich

perfume sexy
Women fund men that smell good irresistibly sexy. You don’t have to drill a hole in your wallet to get the most expensive perfume, but try and at least get something that will make everyone crave a whiff of you after you’re long gone. You can get advice from a female friend on what type of cologne will go best with your personality.

Stay Clean

clean sexy
This perhaps is the most appealing and sexy thing women look out for in men. A woman can forgive you for everything if you appear clean and neat always. Chances are she’d get carried away with the sex appeal that comes from your neatness. Pay good attention to your clothes, breath, skin and general hygiene and she’d probably consider licking stuffs off your sexy body.

Stand Upright

stand tall sexy
Slouched shoulders makes a man look tired and defeated but a man standing upright looks tall and powerful. Good posture adds much to your sex appeal as it helps you exude poise and confidence.

As a bonus, you may want to learn how to dance. You don’t have to be an exceptional dancer, but knowing how to move your body to the beats of a song will make any woman find you appealing. Also, wearing some lip balm to mask dry lips or just for show can do a lot to entice women. This will make women around you think of your lips as kissable which adds a lot to your sex appeal.

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