How To Make Yourself More Attractive To Ladies

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The false impression a lot of men have about looking more attractive and handsome to the ladies is by having a fatter wallet and six packed chest. But in as much as these two are important, it is mostly not the case. All that is needed is a couple of tweaks and changes and women will find you more attractive. If you’re having problems attracting women or you’re looking to attract more women, we’ve compiled a list of things you’re probably lacking and stuff you should consider focusing on to have the women running after you.



Well, this is the very first thing you should have. There’s no way you’re going to attract women to your side if you’re lacking in confidence and of course, it is the biggest thing women find attractive in men.
If you intend to build your confidence up, you may want to consider doing so from the outside. And by the outside, we mean making your body language exude positivity. Try to maintain good posture by keeping your head and back straight up. More so, maintain good eye contact with women you come across while ensuring you smile. This is the best way to show how confident you are while it will also help you feel relaxed. A confident body language is one thing women crave for in men and you’re bound to feel more confident.

You can also build up your confidence by eliminating any feeling of doubt and negativity. This can help to change your outlook, making it easy for you to be more confident. You can easily achieve this by reminding yourself of your good qualities which you can find in yourself. Remind yourself of the positive reviews you get from friends and family which can help your mind stay focused on your good sides. This will make you feel more relaxed around women.

Make Your Appearance Dope

dress well

Men tend to overlook a lot of simple things which can improve their chances with women. These things include wearing clothes that fit, nice and clean pair of shoes and a clean shaven brow. Looking prim, proper and well-groomed is important in looking dope and attractive to women.

If you’re unsure of whether your appearance will attract women, you can get a female friend or family member to help you out. This is because almost all women know what looks good on men and if you’re lucky enough, you may be able to take one shopping with you to get new outfits that will suit your appearance best.

Become What Women Want

what women want

Men tend to make the mistake of making things easy for women when they want them. We make it obvious that we are willing to do anything to get a woman’s attention which is not attractive to women. You should instead make her feel you’re a desirable challenge. You can do this by asking her questions about herself and making her prove to you that she’s an interesting person who has more to offer than her beauty.

This approach would definitely make her feel like she has to work to have you too which would be a challenge to her. Women like men are attracted to people that provide a challenge.  By making her work to win you over, you show her that you’re a bit of a challenge. Also, you should make her feel like you’re willing to walk away. This makes her understand that you have standards which she must meet for you to stay with her.

Be Humorous

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How humorous you are can go a long way in determining how attracted women think you are. If you’re able to make a woman laugh, you can almost make her do anything. Showing her you’re humorous isn’t as difficult as you may think it is. If you’re able to make her giggle or laugh at least once, you’ve gotten her attracted to you. You can use the concept of misinterpretation to get her attracted to you. You can use her words to create humour by twisting around her words to make it seem like she’s the one hitting on you. Make sure you smile when you do this so she can know you’re just fooling around.

Be Ambitious And Goal-driven


It’s good if you have a good job and career which definitely attracts women. It is however more important to be ambitious and goal-driven. Women consistently express interest in these type of men as opposed to the man with the best job or more cash at present. They are more attracted to a man with ideas of where he intends to be in the future and is making genuine effort to get there.

It’s much more beyond telling her your goals. You have to show consistent effort towards achieving them. The steps you make may be small but it’s one sure way of feeling good about yourself. This will definitely attract a lot of women to your side.


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