M.I Explains That He Is As Great As J. Cole

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A day after M.I released Illegal Music 3, his fans in adulation started an argument on Twitter by comparing him to American rapper J. Cole.

This comparison did not sit well with other listeners who believe J. Cole is so good that M.I does not even come close. M.I. who might have encouraged the trend with a series of tweets recently saying he is better than most American rappers finally gave his opinion on the subject.

When asked about a fan if he truly believes he is better than Cole, he said it’s not about comparison but he feels he is as great.

He later addressed some individuals who felt M.I was even unworthy of such comparison.



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  1. J.Cole’s technicality is 100%. He is a perfect balance of everything. He’s a hip hop textbook. he’s a straight up textbook rapper, front content to flow to bravado. nothing about him screams greatness. I’ll still bump the fuck out of 80% of his tracks though because he’s fucking flawless.he caters for everything any kind of hip hop fan fucks with. He’s a King who maintains the status quo but doesn’t push boundaries or take risks with his empire. He came through at a time when hip hop was slipping and there weren’t many people holding it down proper. Makes him no lesser king though. Also don’t think you can compare him to M.I. That’s doodoo. Cole’s a king period.

  2. Do you people listen to music or do you just bop to the beat? M.I. drops some of the most viscious bars in the rap game. No doubt he sometimes does a few unlikely songs and lyrics. So if M.I. isn’t king, He must be the heir. Nuff said

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