Na Wa: Leonardo Di Caprio Trashed For Mum’s ‘Disgusting’ Armpit

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Leonardo’s Throwback photo of his happy childhood with mum, Irmelin and dad, George – Actor Leonardo di Caprio has made some people so mad, they have tagged his mum’s armpit ‘disgusting’, ‘tacky’, and ‘dirty’.

The 1976 snapshot which showed the Oscar-winning actor raised above his mother and father has ignited furious online-debate as critics and pit-shamers insulted his mother’s armpit hair which was obvious in the shot.

After it was shared on Facebook by History in Pictures Facebook, this past week, it garnered over a-hundred-thousand comments. ‘Baby Leonardo DiCaprio with his mom and dad, 1976’ was its caption.

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Some of the critics said:

  • WTF is that under her arms?
  • It was the 1970s, not the 1400s.. Women shaved their armpits then. It’s obvious his parents were hippies.
  • Women with hair under their arms is f***ing disgusting’, while Jude Lopez agreed added: ‘Women with hairy pits are gross.
  • Women should know better. I shave parts of my body to please women. They should do the same. Well, they don’t have to if their butch feminist girlfriend doesn’t mind.

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Many defended Irmelin, calling her pubic hair ‘natural’. They said:

  • It’s so funny I am part of a generation that wants to “free the nipple”, but freaks out when women have hair in their armpits. #feminism.
  • Why does his mom have to shave? All women grow hair under their arms. This was a different time. This was normal. And women STILL DONT have to shave to appease you! She’s not gross.
  • I guess some of these guys didn’t know women grew hair on their armpits. Get over it.
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Julia Robert

Irmelin was her son’s companion at the Oscars; the 73-year old looked proud to see Leonardo Di Caprio win a statue for The Revenant after which his hardly-seen father, George Di Caprio popped up for a special family union.

Both his parents attended with their respective partners.

George Di Caprio met Irmelin in New York City, 1965, while in college; they began having financial problems which tore them apart. Leonardo was born in 1974, shortly afterwards, they separated. .

Leonardo Di Caprio grew up in a very rundown neighborhood filled with prostitutes, sex shops, and drugs which spurred his parents to “give their son a wholesome upbringing”.

To achieve this, they lived adjacent each other with a shared garden to enable young Leo play in without having to choose sides.

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Miley Cyrus

The challenge of the stereotype that women must shave their underarms isn’t peculiar to Irmelin Di Caprio.

Julia Roberts, 48, is also famous for keeping bushy pits as she flaunted her armpit hair at the premiere of Notting Hill in 1999.

Miley Cyrus also made the list of celebrities to have revealed hairy pits.

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