Legendary Referee Collina Cautions FIFA On Use Of Technology

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Collina cautions FIFA on use of technology – Legendary referee Pierlugi Collina has voiced concerns over FIFA’s planned introduction of in-game video replays.

Collina cautions FIFA on use of technology
Collina cautions FIFA on use of technology

FIFA president Gianni Infantino had announced that the body would finally consider the technology, something which had been consistently rebuffed by former president Sepp Blatter.

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“If I were a referee today, I’d be frustrated at being judged based on images that I don’t have access to and had nothing to do with my skills,” Collina told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Infantino said we need to be open to the development of football and I agree. Now we’ll see, we’ll study and then decide if and how it can be applied to a match situation.

“The objective is to respect the fluidity of the game. Rugby has realised technology can be invasive and will perhaps take a step back.”

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“Above all I am pleased at the abolition of the ‘triple punishment’ – red card and penalty for stopping a goal-scoring opportunity – because football has been asking for this for years. Infantino did well to convince the board.

“We do need to still revamp the offside rules, as today the job of the assistants is at the limits of what the human eye can achieve. Comparing the foot with the head, at different levels with a few centimetres of difference, is almost impossible.”




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