Kourtney Kardashian’s ‘Nipple Slip’ Sparks Misogynistic Remarks

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It seems this day is all about the Kardashian clan. First, Kim’s nude pops up from nowhere, then Rob deletes every image on his Instagram and now Kourtney teases with nipple slip.

360nobs - Kourtney Kardashian
Instagram/ Kourtney Kardashian

Intentional or nah, the fans are two-sided. While some, (mostly men) argue Kourtney Kardashian’s photo is ‘inappropriate’ and ‘slutty’; the women defend her by calling the men misogynistic. The females argue that if a man bared his body, everyone will not think twice about it but if a woman does the same thing, all hell will let loose.

Here’s what the fans had to say, share yours in the comment section.

  • tracy_corneau – Of course you can see her nip…why not ? Lol so classy and modest just like her 2 sisters latest posts …feel sad for them ?
  • goodwill19862 – She’s making her self young so scott can take her back
  • 4165rca – Hey homegirl don’t listen to the dumb ass people you look terrific
  • jcdiext – jesus it’s just a nipple, acting like none of u ain’t got any.. get the fuck over it just cos she’s hotter than you’ll ever be
  • jgonza222 – Don’t u have two kids to take care of. Oh sorry ur nanny is watching them so u can show the world how fast u lost weight.
  • dani_p_aragao – Misogynistic!!! Man can walk in the street without shirt and its ok!!! I will never understand american hypocrisy! People walk almost naked but breastfeeding is outrageous!!! You guys have nipplephobic!
  • sheryl9905 – Think you are showing more then you intended.
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