Kim Kardashian And North West In Rob Kardashian ‘Trash Can’

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Kim Kardashian, Baby North And Kanye West Just Made It Into Rob Kardashian’s Trash Can

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Kim Kardashian and Rob Kardashian are siblings, right? Why then is Rob taking shots at his elder sister and family? Read on for the dish…

He came for her, regardless she was family and everyone knows, “You do not take shots at fam”. Or is it for Kim?… 

After deleting all his previous Instagram photos and leaving just three, the outspoken 28-year-old had a word… correction, a photo with a few words for elder sister Kim Kardashian.

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He asked North West’s handler why don’t you have ‘no fucking yeezys?’.. He even added a smiley face.

While some are of the opinion he’s taking shots at his brother-in-law’s footwear brand and little niece, North West; others opine it could just be another of his so many ‘misconstrued Instagram photos’.

Nahhhhhh ?????

A photo posted by ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian) on

Upon looking closely at the photo one ponders ‘is Nori falling? or Is she just throwing a tantrum?”. The answer is; North isn’t throwing a tantrum (as always). Lol. She’s asking her handler the question. Like the previous paragraph said, the image has been misconstrued.

Wear Yeezy’s when you want to throw tantrums that way you don’t fall.

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Just as little kids deliberately put themselves on the floor to avoid moving, North figured going closer to the ground will stop them from going wherever it is Kim is striding to plus she gets a full glare at her handler’s feet. “You ain’t got no fucking yeezy’s”.

Doesn’t seem to have worked as Mrs Kardashian West catwalks away without even a backward glance. Kim Kardashian really has no time to waste.

shantalgithu said: I was crying when I saw this Kim has no chill.

Another fan ajahurst expressed shockingly: Yo wtf?! Is she falling and about to hit her head on the concrete….. and is that Kim not giving a fuc. (Yup! That’s her)

One peculiar commenter gigiraven711 insisted: she wasn’t throwing a tantrum. She was falling.

And jenniferframeee added humorously: hahahahaha she’s destined to be a mado ?. 

aaalisonx obviously found this very funny: I’m laughing so hard omgggggggggg hahaahhah

mrsthp an avid observer in Kanye’s life also stated: Looks like the little girl throws more tantrums than her father.

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  1. Idiots. Rob’s Instagram is referring to North looking at the ballet flats of the girl who is holding her hand. Boy did you reach on this story….

    1. Lol. That’s YOUR side of the story. And the ‘idiots’ was unnecessary but its typical so thank you for commenting.

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