Kim Kardashian Goes On Kanye-Style Rant…Then Shares Another Nude

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After posting a nude selfie on Instagram yesterday, Kim Kardashian who usually ignores criticisms stepped out of character to clap back a bit and ridicule her critics, but in good taste.

She started out by posting a photo of her looking at her phone and smirking.

She then took a moment to remind people she is sitting on millions and even gave a hint that she might just have paid off Kanye West’s $53 million debt.

To Piers Morgan who offered to buy her clothes,

she responded telling him it’s creepy to ask to buy a married woman some clothes.

To Bette Midler who shaded Kim saying the only way we will see some new part of the reality TV star was if she swallowed the camera,

Kim had a couple of missives for the singer/actress.

And to teen movie star, Chloe G. Moretz who admonished Kim to instead set standards for young women,

Kim Kardashian plain ridiculed her, then like a charming devil followed it with a compliment.

She then finished her rant with another nude to show she is unrepentant with the hashtag . A lot of pundits are speculating that Kanye West was probably the person behind the tweets as it is so much just like him.

Kim Kardashian nude again




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